Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Walk Don’t Run

shanks' mare

It's not the destination, it's the journey

The Autumn Equinox is upon us, and with the weather getting that sweet coolness and the farm work starting to slow down, the dog and I have been enjoying a lot of leisurely walks into the gorgeous Jefferson National Forest which is right across our property line. I figure it’s a safe activity during this endless pandemic and it always makes me feel better to wander through the Appalachians. I know a man in the twilight of his years walking a dog is something of a cliché, but it’s not like I’ve gone full Umberto D yet or anything. I’ve still got a little bit of that pimp-strut in my step, best believe.

Sashay, G-Walk, roll or stroll, where do you like to perambulate, and what’s your walking playlist?

Everybody for real, thanks for coming out for DUAN and Deadsplinter. Remember, as long as we have each other, we never have to walk alone.



  1. Lymond’s post and this one got me thinking about Huey Lewis (who, by the way, has been suffering from a terrible condition which makes everything he hears sound oddly distorted, so he’s not been able to perform for some time).

    Walking on a Thin Line


  2. Walking Home to You Nick Leng (RAC mix)

    Ghost Funk Orchestra – Walk Like A Motherfucker

    Gaz Coombes – Walk The Walk


  3. Ohhhh – I did it! Can we resize?

    • Which photo sharing site do you use to be able to post this?  Google photos doesn’t seem to work very well.

      • I just typed in Google “I can post images meme”, and presto!

    • You can resize (it is the bottom option in the image icon).

  4. I’m a water person so I like to Walk Down the River…




    That gets me into trouble when I run into a river cow …




    so I just Walk Away…






  5. i dont really have a walking playlist…. most of the time im wearing my ear buds for show so people dont bother me…or at least i can blank them and pretend i didnt hear nothing

    tbh…if im out for a walk with music on…it usually means im seriously pissed off about something

    i do ride a lot with music tho…long as i know the trail…and the music choice is the same as my pissed off walks

    cant stay mad with ska…and its damn good fun on a trail

  6. I used to hike this great trail that was up the PCH when I lived in LA – part of it took you up on a high hill that overlooked the highway and the ocean. There were almost always dolphins out there. I loved that hike.


  7. I Walk the Beat

    Tierra Whack


    It’s The Way I Walk

    The Cramps



  8. Oh my, so many possibilities.

    “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” … or something similarly clichéd.

    The Proclaimers, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” [Speaking of ’90s soundtracks with clip-filled tie-in videos.] 

    For the comtemplative, scenic ambler:

    Tycho, “A Walk” 

    For the dreamers:

    Empire Of The Sun, “Walking On A Dream” 

    For the walkers who like company:

    Clinic, “Walking With Thee” 

  9. Oh and Luigi, I may have missed an update, but how’s the little donkey?

    • Donkey is great.  She and her mom are now in general population with the ewes in the big pasture, and doing very well.  I saw them playing tag earlier today.

  10. Walking on Sunshine:

    Walk This Way (the good version):

    The Walk:


  11. No one hit this low hanging fruit yet?

    • No, THIS is the “low hanging fruit”




      and as much as I love the Bangles, I love this version better…



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