Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Wanna Play a Game?

Tonight I thought we could play a little game.  Here’s how it works:

I’m going to start a story with songs and you are going to add/change the story with more songs.  This may go off the rails quickly so when you post your song, put who you are replying to (like @Loveshaq).  That way we may have more than one branch to the story.  The band name or song title can be your contribution to the story.  Hopefully you can do it without adding more than 5 extra words.  Simple enough?  If you don’t want to play (I’m looking at you Lemmy) just post whatever the hell you want!  Otherwise, get on with it!  How do you win?  Who knows, we are all winners here.  I’ll just give you a participation star and call it good.


Board up the House

Jane Says

Traveling Solves Everything



  1. Kudos on another stellar and fun DUAN! @Loveshaq traveling solves everything, let’s drive 900 MILES:


  2. @Ellicoo, I’m really not up for a 900 mile drive.  Let’s just go 200 more miles.

    You know the road, don’t you?


    • I’m not sure I did that right, lol.

  3. …remember that nested comment thread limit is 10 so try to reply to the post with @ rather than the commenter…

    • @myopicprophet We’ll take a White Freightliner:

  4. Brenda’s Always in the Way

    • @Jonee

      Shes a Delta 88 Nightmare



        • @lemmy

          and drive it to The Orchard



  5. […if there’s going to be a DOT I don’t know that I’ll manage to check back or keep the branching stories straight so here’s a sequence for you…apologies if that’s bending the rules]


    • @Lymond– It’s better to burn out than to fade away



  6. @Loveshaq
    But Don’t Say a Prayer for me now – save it til the morning after


  7. @Hannibal
    Then, you better Secure Yourself to Heaven

    Because it’s not too far away…


  8. @Elliecoo  Where’s the Devil When You Need Him?

    • Thanks for coming up with fun new DUANs for us. 

      • That’s what I’m here for.  Anyone is free to start a sequel at anytime.

          • @SplinterRIP  Check Yo Self (or we may have to have another rap throwdown)

            • …I don’t know if I can carry the weight

              …but clearly I’ll have to contemplate the next move to make?

              • It would be Adventures in Failure

                • …at least it’s not a one shot deal

    • @Lymond I definitely made a Deal with the Devil

  9. awww damnit….everyone went traveling…but im so slow in the mornings 

    • Sorry you’re late.  You brought it though with one of the best live bands I have ever seen! Skankin Pickle is the best.  So…

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