Deadsplinter Up! All Night: We Don’t Wanna Go To Sleep

Tonight’s DUAN has us pulling an all-nighter! It’s Friday night and I feel like dancing. The music never stops and neither do we.

What’s your Night Owl anthem to keep you awake and grooving long into the wee hours of the night?

Let’s dance til dawn and party til the sun comes up.

Thanks for supporting Deadsplinter and DUAN!

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  1. welp…if we’re gonna be up all night then i guess we better get some action now

    (annoyingly the sound quality on the more interesting videos was kinda crap)

  2. This was in the “you may also like” column of the first Technotronic “shuffle” video and the first comment is SO true:

    No one searched for this but everyone is happy they found it.

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