Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Weather Forecast

Cloudy with a chance of great music!

We are not even officially in winter yet but the storms and disasters keep coming.

I’m not against all foul weather, I enjoy snow, wave creating winds and a good Lightning Storm…

but  I am running for my life when I hear the Tornado Warning…

Luckily around here it looks like we are just looking at our normal Rain Shower…

So let’s talk about the weather and hope for a good weekend forecast.



  1. Your posts foreshadows tomorrow night’s NOT…great minds, etc.


  2. Thanks for the opening.

    Magazine – About The Weather


  3. over here is dir n grey

    …uhhh…mean dark n gray


  4. 10,000 Maniacs – Like The Weather


  5. In the end, no matter who actually sang on this track, it remains a classic.

    Milli Vanilli, “Blame It On The Rain” 

    And this isn’t exactly a classic, but boy does it traffic in every music video trope. I sometimes like to think of them as American Bros.

    Nelson, “After The Rain” 

  6. SRV & DT – Couldn’t Stand the Weather

    Check out the Chris Layton’s work on the drums.


  7. The Forecast



      • I love Robert Cray!  He is a Tacoma boy & if you see him there it is like his family reunion at the shows.

    • One of my all time favorite keyboard parts!

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