Deadsplinter Up! all night: welcome to the madhouse

if im not in one yet ill be put in one soon

sure feels like a madhouse round here

anyways….i normally have a little more to say but im a little distracted here

as always thanks for supporting deadsplinter 🙂

(p.s i probably wont be around as much as usual for a little while… needing to put super extra effort into getting out of this house..and odds are i’ll be spending weekends wherever the fuck i can)

(i still have my phone tho… dont go thinking you’ll be safe just coz im not at home;p)



    • Someday, I’ll have to tell my brush-with-greatness story about that one time I partied with the boys from Madness back in Chicago.  They could put it away, let me tell you, and we ended up in a paddy wagon but somehow never went to jail.

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