Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Welcoming the New

Happy New Year! Hope it treats you well.

Thanks for your support!



  1. The ‘Jovi for that is only adequate, not great, because while Phil X slashes like hell on the strings, he just doesn’t have Richie’s lyricism and can’t fill in the “missing notes” the song ought to have, because he simply doesn’t seem to feel them the way Richie does…

    Never Say Goodbye shows some of the difference–Rich *feels* the “spaces between the notes,” and just… embelishes a bit in there, to make them flow together like the way that his voice & Jon’s harmonize so well together. He can hear what’s “missing” in any given spot, and fill it out…

    Phil is 100% Adequate as an artist, and a DAMN GOOD guitarist…

    But he plays the guitar, he doesn’t use it to create audible *ART* the same way Richie can;

    As for “new,” I’d have to go with last night’s Mashup from Dolly & Miley😉


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