Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Wet Leg

I recently ran across Wet Leg while wasting time on YouTube. They have only put out a couple singles so far but are doing their first U.S. tour starting in NY in December (I’m looking at you NYC Deadsplinter-ers).  They are a quirky and fun British duo that met in college and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

Hope your week is going well, you can see the finish line from here and depending on where you live, maybe even Russia.



  1. I don’t have a wet leg, but I most definitely have a stanky leg.

  2. going okay here


    *bounces of the walls*


  3. Can – Turtles Have Short Legs


    • Yes! This might be my favourite CAN track.

      • Mine too!

  4. Old school leg


      • I love Dry Cleaning but I hate dry cleaning.


      • Love them, too. I was trying to use them for the “music that sounds like other music” post a few days ago, but I had a good deal of trouble finding a true comparison instead of 8 or 9 that sound like a piece of them. They’re one of several current groups who make you feel like you’re back in a decade you wouldn’t have been old enough to remember.

        • They have a super-strong Romeo Void vibe to them, especially Chaise Longue.

  5. Yay! I love this group and a number of us on DUAN have been shouting out Wet Leg from the summer onwards.

    Since they’ve only released two singles and a bit of live footage, if you want more, I’d encourage everyone to check out their Spotify influences playlist: Wetlegends

    It fully makes sense they’d like The Modern Lovers and CSS.

    I’m digging this one: Fake Laugh, “If You Don’t Wanna Know”

    • Thanks for this @Meh-zuzah , I guess I missed that these had been previously posted.  Hopefully it was when I was traveling and missed a bunch of DUANs.  I try to listen to at least some of all contributions I haven’t heard before.  Cool Spotify list, I will check all these out that I am not familiar with.

      • Hey @Loveshaq ,
        No worries. I’m just letting it be known that there’s a lot of shared enthusiasm for this band on DS. It’s great to know they’re reaching a good share of listeners and gaining new fans all the time. It’s generally a good thing to see repeats on DUAN, since it’s a whole side gig to listen to the wealth of offerings here and on Wednesday Steel week after week.

  6. Speaking of legs, before one of mine IRL and that of my avatar’s started tingling:

    There’s a little bit of a build-up. I am assumed lost and probably fallen at the Somme. But no, I show up, at the Downton Abbey Soldier’s Convalescent Home, and join my dearest (who is also my cousin) in a charming duet:

    • Sorry, I seem to have gotten so swept away I posted the clip twice?

      • Oh God, now there are no clips. Here you go, if anyone has the patience to wade through my ineptitude and WordPress’s intransigence:

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