Deadsplinter Up! All Night: What Future?

I love the smell of substandard infrastructure in the morning

Photo of building ruins in a bleak landscape.
Photo by Khaled Akacha at

One of the DOTs this week really sent me spiraling down into a darkness. It hit right about here:

Kinda hard to build something better if we can’t start with building and maintaining a good foundation, yeah? Share your thoughts on the future below.


The phrase “built for the future” seems to have passed out of fashion.


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  1. ive stopped worrying about the future

    its gonna be what its gonna be and its not like my feelings about any of it matter

    …..if coffee goes extinct i will not vouch for my good behaviour tho

  2. Hope For the Future by Bastille


  3. The Black Angels – History Of The Future


  4. Sweet Honey In The Rock — Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

  5. I’m sorry I haven’t been around here much but I up to all sorts of shenanigans up here in Chicago.  There are only so many hours in the day and so many char polish sausages with grilled onions to eat.  I’ll be back next week.

    • Since it’s Tuesday (give or take) and I am in Chicago, I probably should spin at least one bona fide Chi-town artist.

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