Deadsplinter Up! All Night: What IS That Song?

We are lucky to live within the extended broadcast range of a public-college radio station. Every now and then, they’ll play a “what is that?” song, you know, when you do a musical ear-check. Anyway, this song grabbed me, and it turns out it wasn’t new, it was old – from 1971. It also has exactly eight words in the lyrics.

What’s your most recent “what is that” song? – please share with the class.

Dirty Dirty by Crazy Horse:

And here is a fun cover by the Black Pumas at La Boule Noire, Paris France:

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  1. i think the last what is that song moment i had was this commercial

    and thats how i discovered postmodern jukebox
    tho annoyingly enough the full version of that song is somewhat dissapointing…they used the best bit for the commercial… still.. im happy to have found pmj

  2. Because you are (mostly) adults who can (mostly) handle two things happening at once, tonight I am launching Seven Days of Motorhead, wherein you guys do your thing and I post nothing but Motorhead songs.

    Tonight’s entry is from the “classic” lineup of Lemmy, Philthy Animal, and Fast Eddie, from the first Motorhead album I ever owned. I once clipped another vehicle during a poorly executed lane change while driving too fast and listening to this album. True story.

  3. I still can’t find a video link for mine – or even a title or an artist credit – but if I’m lucky a bit of digital sleight of hand might let me get the audio track in one of these?

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