DeadSplinter Up! All Night: What Moves You?

Do you, too, get fixated on sound? Or am I showing early stalker tendencies?

Sometimes I get fixated on a song/album/artist and am happy to have it/them on repeat for days. The music turns into a vibe, rather than words and notes, and becomes background sound. It is even better when there are remixes of the same tune. I imagine this artist, LA Priest, commanding his penitents from high on the dance floor and providing absolution through the beat. Of these three versions, I prefer the Yuno remix.

LA Priest – What Moves

LA Priest – What Moves (Yuno Remix):

LA Priest – What Moves (Soulwax Remix):

Thank you for playing and thank you for your support of DeadSplinter and DUAN.

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  1. I think I might’ve misinterpreted the prompt😉


    Buuuut between songs that “move” and have certain “vibes” & that i can listen over & over, I took the question to meen the ones that “move” in a “goosebump-y” way…  you know, the songs that hit you *just the right way* sometimes, and make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up, send a shiver down your spine, then pull at your heartstrings, & ya look down & suddenly realize you have goosebumps covering your arms😉😁💖

    These ones have all done that

    If these drop correctly, Andra Day;

    Then–of course–The Jovi’s;

    And some others for good measure:


    (Apparently, I’ve been a fan of “Sad Songs & Waltzes” & love a good “waltzy” beat, from the time I was little… just realized it conclusively today, when I looked up the time signatures–most of these are a 3/4 beat, *and* TIL, that “Sad Songs & Waltzes”  by Cake was a cover of Willie’s song😉😄🤣 )

  2. Tragic Italian pop from the 1960s moves me.  Luigi Tenco died very young, most likely by his own hand.  It was a great loss.  He had just started appearing in movies and had a bright career ahead of him.


    • That is the canonical version of Lush Life.  Do you know the story of the recording sessions where Hartman and Coltrane made this and how they got together?  They were a young saxophonist on the rise and an older jazz singer who had been slotted as the “black Sinatra” and whose career was stalled.   I don’t want to get the facts wrong, so if not, I’ll let you find that for yourself.  But what an album.

  3. I’m with Elton on this one.  Sad songs get to me.

    Even at the darkest pressure packed worst of personal times, we have to give a shit about others.

    I’ve always believed (and thanks to my confirmation bias) we are who we really are when the shit hits the fan. How we act, how we think. Etc. I’ll admit it doesn’t win me any friends among some higher ups (or anyone else) when I gaze with judgy emotionless eyes at them cracking up (but that’s not because I think they’re weak because the pressure got to them as we’re all vulnerable to cracking.  It’s because they’re only good at giving pressure not taking it.)

    A lot of times I wish I could sit on the dock of the bay. It’s a quixotic dream of someone who tries to not the grass grow under his feet.




  4. I go back and forth over whether this is cringey good or unabashedly good. Either way, I suppose they’re officially one-hit wonders.

    Junior Senior, “Move Your Feet” 

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