DeadSplinter Up! All Night: What’s Going On?

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Inquiring Marmots what to know, what is going on with you? This DUAN is a FREE FOR ALL, BABY, as long as your song matches your mood this evening.

Thank you for your support of DeadSplinter and DUAN.

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  1. I’m cold and I think my furnace hasn’t kicked on in a while because I had the oven on earlier (I NEEDED cookies. It was an URGENT need for the cookies.) and the oven isn’t too far from the thermostat. 

    Meanwhile, I am sitting in the far corner from the oven – far is relative, my house is tiny – and cold. I finally broke out the old space heater to take the chill out.

    • I got one of those smart thermostats that they were giving away a couple of months, but the damn thing’s been tripping my circuit breaker (which is also bad), so the home warranty company is sending a not exactly reputable company out to check it out at an ungodly hour next week before I start work. I just hope the result doesn’t suck.

  2. …I’d like to have thought of a different thing…but I read some shit about a church in texas…& something else about every living ex-secretary-of-defense taking the time to say trying to use the military to alter/deny the election result is a non-starter…&…well…I’ve been pretty well-behaved lately when it comes to excessive posting of sage francis tunes?

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