Deadsplinter Up! All Night: What’s In A Name

Thanks for coming around.

Bonus because this is one of my new favorite bands.



  1. Four groups, one song, one name

  2. its one of my new favourite bands too!
    thanks for that
    anyways…ill go with jeremy….thats a damn good song

    • You know, I’d much rather have had this song remind me of the civic euphoria that broke out here when the Blues finally won the Stanley Cup a couple of years ago. But then, almost six months ago, I happened to watch a Twitter clip of little Blow inside the VIP tent before the rally portion of the insurrection, and at first I actually even thought they were just listening to it at the end but then later realized that it was part of the warm-up music for the mob. I believe it was even played at whatever other loser event Suck had after that, and it’ll probably be played at the one he’s having tonight as well.
      The only rationale that I could imagine was that he belatedly learned that this became the unofficial theme song for a winning team and hoped that some of that momentum would finally rub off on him. But I’m guessing that it’ll be just one more entry on the list of things that stop working and then pretty much die when coming into to contact with him.

  3. Black Merda – Cynthy-Ruth


    The Babe Rainbow – Johny Says Stay Cool


  4. Name Call Slum Sociable 


  5. Primus – “My Name Is Mud”

    • @ManchuCandidate Whenever I see Rep Ro Khanna on the news I sing his name to the Rosanna tune. 

  6. Saturday Night Slow Jam brought to you by Luigi Vuoto (aka “The Quiet Storm”)

  7. The Clash – “What’s My Name”

  8. Michael – Franz Ferdinand 

  9. I loathe both of these songs, but here goes… 
    The Ting Tings, “That’s Not My Name” 

    Eminem, “My Name Is” 

    • Ah, forgot about this one.
      Maps, “You Don’t Know Her Name” 

      • But…
        You know my name -Chris Cornell 

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