1. I’m going to change my name to Edmund Fitzgerald

    I never realized that happened in 1975. I thought it must have been 1875 or something. Maybe because Gord Lightfoot’s song sounds like a Victorian sea shanty.

  2. The beautiful and hauntingly romantic love theme from “Call Me By Your Name,” the movie where it was perfectly OK to lust after Armie Hammer and/or a 17-year-old (to be fair Chalamet was actually about 21 when this movie was filmed):

    • …but was it really? I still haven’t watched it because Armie Hammer allegedly abused his partner and has more than enough money to make that her problem not his. Also the age difference/life experience difference between the two characters. Younger me would have loved to watch it. Current bitter bag of principles me just can’t press play.

      • At the time, though, 2017, when Armie Hammer’s personal life was a well-hidden secret (or at least I knew nothing about it.) As for the age difference thing, that’s been a Hollywood romance trope since the silent film era, the only difference being the younger of the pair was always a woman. Two Audrey Hepburn films spring to mind, “My Fair Lady” and “Funny Face.” In neither one was Hepburn cast as a teenager, true, but arguably when G. B. Shaw wrote the play in 1913 Eliza Doolittle was meant to be, and maybe a young teenager, since there were very weak child labor laws.

        • Oh yes I know all about that trope. When I could relate to the younger of the two, I was conditioned by society to be into it. Now that I’m closer in age with older of the pair and I know more, it’s groomingly gross regardless of gender.

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