Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Where You At?

Who Knows Where or When?

Come out come out!

I’m always surprised to learn where you Deadsplinterers are. Some I know because you mention the place, or because of the time zone you’re posting from or from the way you spell “colour”. I tend to forget that we’re scattered hither and yon around the globe.

Tonight, I want you to describe – in song – your place in the world. It can be geographical, or psychological or social. Or tell me it’s none of my beeswax. I don’t care, I still love you. I just like to picture a place, and environment, or surroundings when I read your funny, fascinating, and sometimes heartbreaking posts.

Me, I need this bad because I had an awful day today. I was driving back from town, coming up Route 100 where it winds through the hills and a young, almost grown deer leaped from the woods in front of me. I hit it before I could even react. It took a few steps into the woods before I lost sight of it, but I doubt it could have survived. It tore my car up pretty good. I’m really kind of shook about the whole thing. My neighbor says this is a common occurrence when you live in the country, but it was still traumatic for me, and a lot more traumatic for the deer. So by sharing a little bit of yourself you’ll be helping me out. The music you choose and by extension the bits you share about yourselves, are like tonic to me.

I actually live here.

And there’s always a doo-wop.

Anyway, thank you guys for being here at Deadsplinter and DUAN. I’m sorry if I’m a little off my game tonight.



  1. I am Where It’s At!

    • But the truth is, I am just north of …


      • I believe I have mentioned this before but the second verse in this is my favourite “Seattle” reference/verse/song:

        • This is my favorite but I use it too often!


    • They also filmed downtown; Harrison Ford was very gracious. 

  2. I’m alive without medicine 

    In Pennsylvania, in the county this band hails from…we saw them when they were high school juniors. 



  3. I am glad to hear that you are okay…deer accidents are no small matter. 


  4. Oof, sorry about your day. Have been lucky never to hit a deer; had an extremely close call late at night on a highway a few years back. One thing I’ll say is you never know about how it’ll do afterwards — deer are surprisingly tough, and lots of them walk away from crashes.

    Anywho, this one name-checks my current town so I gotta go with it:

  5. Proudly from:

    Unfortunately reside:

    WOOPS! I meant:

    …never heard that last song before, ftr, I had to search…but it’s safe to say that it kinda proves the second one?

  6. Sorry you hit a deer Luigi – it’s no friggin joke. I live in rural metro Atlanta and have been involved in two deer collisions in my life – one really bad – but thank god the only one hurt was the deer(and the local boys home came and got it for the meat) and one where the person I was with clipped the back of one. The accidents were scary and really emotional because they’re such big living things and you feel awful about it. 
    Anyway – 

    And, Usher used to live not too far from where I live now. And, Ludacris is from Atlanta. I always thought it was “Peace up, A town dance” – but the younger members of the fam have enlightened me to it’s “Peace up, A town down.”


  7. @Luigi-Vuoto I’m sorry about your very bad day. I hit a squirrel once and was inconsolable. 

    Geographically I’m a Kentucky Woman

    Neil Diamond



    But mostly I live too much in my own head

    Kilo Kish – Existential Crisis Hour!





  8. I live about an hour from this guy:


    My wife clobbered a deer years ago.  Well, actually, the deer clobbered her.  Just like your experience, it jumped out before she could react, but it slammed into the front right quarter panel, then rolled up onto the roof and then slid off.  It was done for and the cop that responded had to shoot it.  Mrs. Butcher was a wreck for weeks.  The car was also a wreck, but hilariously enough the insurance company didn’t total it so we got it repaired and had it for another 10 years or so.

  9. Where in the World?

    Digable Planets, “Where I’m From” 

    Suzanne Vega, “Tom’s Diner” 


  10. Born in Tarrana (aka Toronto.)

    Meanwhile I grew up in the boonies.

    At home in either place.

  11. closest i can get….but hey…amsterdam is only like 200km away
    which…over here is considered the other end of the country…but in murica distance..its like…the next town over?

  12. I don’t have anything musical to ad, but I ran over a snake on my bike commute yesterday.  I just wasn’t paying attention, gazing off at something, and didn’t notice it until it I was literally ~2 feet from it, just enough time for me to know what the double-bump was. 
    I’ve only seen one other snake on my commute this year, so I guess it just wasn’t in my subconscious to be looking out for them?
    I’ve previously chased other snakes off the mixed-use path, or guarded them if they insisted on crossing slowly, so I feel pretty crappy about my negligence, and have been just trying not to think about it too much.

    • It happens. – every bike commuter

        • @lochaber, I’ll have to tell the story about hitting a squirrel once…. plus plenty of snakes.

          • About a month ago, a squirrel sitting on the side of the path waited until I was just upon it, and darted right past my front wheel, and right into the rear wheel spokes of a cyclist coming from the opposite direction.  I turned my head just in time to see it at the apogee as it was flung into the air.  I felt bad about that, but I don’t think there is anything I could have done about that.  I feel worse about the snake, because if I had been thinking to look for them, I could have noticed it in time to swerve around it or brake.  :/

  13. Sucks to hit a deer, but it happens.


    • Sorry, I hit “Post Comment” on this too quickly, @luigivoto. That comes off as really glib. What I meant to continue with is that in rural and mountain areas, this is all too common. I think everyone out here has hit a deer, and it’s best to be thankful that you were not seriously injured. 

        • I think it’s @Luigi-Vuoto.  And don’t worry about your comment, @MemeWeaver.  I’m starting to get a sense from my neighbors about just how common it can be to hit a deer.  You were correct:  it happens.

  14. I hope we’ve rallied enough musical variety to help you through the night. I’m glad that you came out of the accident physically unscathed.
    Grew up in Montreal. It has a great music scene…it also has:
    Perfect -Simple Plan 

    Now I live in Seattle, home to so many favorite grunge/rock bands.
    The Pretender -Foo Fighters

  15. If you’re asking:
    Where’s Your Head At -Basement Jaxx 

    I’d have to answer that I’m feeling nostalgic of a my twenties and wish I could relive them with the good people I currently have in my life.
    Wish I knew You -The Revivalists 


    • Oh, hey! I’m so excited for an excuse to post this, which the Basement Jaxx track above samples. 
      Gary Numan – M.E. 

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