Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Who Stole the Hot Sauce?

Some Like it Hot!

For some reason harvesting my Cayenne peppers brought me to one of my favorite Zydeco musicans, Chubby Carrier…

Maybe it’s because I had a nice jumbalaya over the weekend or just thinking back to my NOLA raised Mom’s red beans and rice. I do like it a little hot…

You don’t have to like hot peppers to appreciate spicy things…

I think I need a cold drink to wash this all down. Keep it spicy Deadsplinter-ers.



  1. Saucy ones:

    G. Love & Special Sauce, “Baby’s Got Sauce” 

    Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, “The Frim Fram Sauce”


    And if you want a five-spice blend:

    Spice Girls, “Spice Up Your Life” 

  2. What happens when one eats too many hot sauces and peppers.

    Dedicated to coworkers who suffered when we went out for the ultra suicide wings at a local wing place. I chickened out, but I enjoyed the suffering of several sweaty miserable coworkers as they worked their way thru ghost pepper hot sauce.

    And the resulting hilarity of their tales of woe afterwards. I’m glad I chickened out.

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