Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Why

Looks So Good When Its Not Yours.



  1. Why the Big Pause

  2. Stanley Clarke and George Duke with a great ballad.

  3. War – Why Can’t We Be Friends

  4. …I’m torn – this seems like the obvious choice

    …but there’s this ornery part of me that seems inclined to take it as a question…in which case

    • I couldn’t decide between the Annie Lenox solo Why or Eurythmics- Dont Ask Me Why
      So I went a different direction altogether. But since you brought it up….

  5. I’ll give you a Wednesday:

    • For Canadians who this is unavailable to:

      …I think this is the right one?

    • Holy shit, did not expect to see Wednesday 13 here. Good on you.

  6. Frijid Pink – “Tell Me Why”

  7. Oldie. I had nothing.

  8. The Sheppards, out of Chicago, Illinois

  9. Why, You ask?

    ETA, because no matter the question, “There is (nearly) always a ‘Jovi song for that!”😉😁🤗

  10. Also, because I LOVE that Dahlia Lithwick now has absolutely ZERO fucks to give, when reporting on the turtle’s running of the Senate & the way he’d love to make the Impeachment a 100% sham trial:

    I hope her (and my, too, fwiw!) take on Roberts’ caring primarily about his own legacy *does* mean he’ll try to not let things turn into a total shitshow/kangaroo court.

    It’s the one thing keeping me somewhat sane right now, tbh, that so often in the biggest rulings of the last few years, Roberts seems to include a look at how “The Roberts Court” will be looked upon by future scholars & historians.

    And he seems unwilling to simply throw his hands up & say, “Whoopsie!” about some of the things which would make *him* out to be a truly shithole human (and therefore easily seen as unworthy of his position).

    Not that I expect deep-down, that he WILL actually do the right thing for the future of our democracy. But a tiny little piece of me DOES still hold out a itty-bitty bit of hope.

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