Deadsplinter Up! All Night:  Willow Soundtrack

Since every show ever made is being rebooted – Disney+ has decided to turn my beloved Willow into a series. The original film directed by Ron Howard based on a story from George Lucas was released in 1988. Willow is a young would be sorcerer tasked with getting the baby princess Elora Danan to the castle of Tir Asleen. Along the way, Willow meets a rousing cast of fantasy characters and the great disgraced warrior Madmartigan played by Val Kilmer. The movie didn’t do very well but I’ve loved it since the first time I saw it. Upon my recent rewatch, I was reminded how amazing the soundtrack by James Horner is. It’s the perfect blend of ominous and uplifting. Please Disney+ don’t ruin it.

What are your favorite themes or soundtracks? I know we’ve done soundtracks before – but in the immortal words of Steely Dan – let’s do it again. As always, thanks for your support.



  1. I worked, very briefly, with a brilliant engineer named Shawn Murphy, who has recorded and mixed the scores for a bewildering variety of movies and has received some Academy Award nominations for his work.   He played this soundtrack to Legends of the Fall for me before the movie was released.  It was so good that I decided to see it when it came out in theaters, for the music alone.

    He also worked on these little known gems:

    Won an Academy Award for this one.



  2. you know…..ive never seen willow…i should probably get around to that sometime

    ill go with eight legged freaks

    mostly coz that movie greatly amused me

    but…return of the killer tomatoes was a contender for todays pick

  3. I love both seasons of End of the F***ing World but have posted songs from S1 before. S2’s is just as good and like the first includes a mix of oldies, newer tunes, and originals from Graham Coxon.

    Fontella Bass – This Would Make Me Happy


    Florist – Unholy Faces


    Graham Coxon – This Time Tomorrow


    • theres an end of the fucking world…2?

      huh..seems im confusing it with something else too….i was expecting a highschool ish setting….was a fun series…forgot what it was called apparently…

      anyways…you’ve just made my too watch once im done with stranger things list longer

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