Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Woe Is Me

I have been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck for a month. After several PT appointments and only Aleve I’m off to my GP tomorrow. I’m taking my wingwoman (Elliecoo) with me for the sole purpose of explaining that…… I WANT ALL THE DRUGS.



  1. Shuggie Otis wrote it, but The Brothers Johnson made it their own!

    That intro !!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your Pain Keitel! I thought this might be appropriate, Pain- Antidote

    • …so I was thinking this before I read the post…

      …but now I’m thinking maybe this?

  3. I hope your GP comes through for you, feel better.

    Great tune about recreational drug use, playing the ponies, and love going sour.
    The Hold Steady – Chips Ahoy

  4. Poor Keitel . . . he needs:

  5. Ok, I have to post one more, in case this one gets forgotten!

    • So Morphine . . .my first date with Keitel, I had the little black dress, the case of St Paulie girl, the tabletop book of of classes at the local art college – and all he cared about was that I had all the Morphine compact discs in my music collection. I had passed the most important music taste test!

      • You definitely sound like a keeper. My wife’s complete CD collection was a stolen Depeche Mode disc, the one with Personal Jesus. I somehow married her anyway.

    • Ellie beat me to the reply. When I saw her cd collection I knew she was alright.

  6. Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up

    Good luck with the doctor’s office.

  7. Or you could just embrace it:

  8. I hope your drug dreams come true.

    The Frogs – I’ve Got Drugs

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