Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Wolves

wook ad de widdle woodland pupper!

ah yes the wolf…one of natures most cuddly animals..these docile creatures are known to be especially good with small children and other lower maintenance pets like bunny rabbits..they do not however make for very good pets themselves… mostly coz they love stealing the remote and the comfy chair…

they also snore like nobodies business…

anyways..thanks for supporting deadsplinter 🙂

and coz its two fer



  1. Big Wreck – Wolves

    and my twofer,  Boingo – Pedestrian Wolves


  2. Wolves and Water Edward R

    Wolf Totem The Hu


  3. We Are Wolves – Holding Hands


  4. Wolves, lower – REM

  5. I love any opportunity to post this song. 

    TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me




    • video…i really hope youtube gets over that shit…its really annoying
      founded it tho..good song 🙂
      i guess im going to have to get in the habbit of posting the titles with the songs just in case of region fuckery

  6. I’ma have to go with Duran Duran on this one…

  7. Werewolves of London -Warren Zevon

    Hungry Like the Wolf -Duran Duran


  8. Awww, why are they so cute, yet so dangerous?
    I love this cover so much, it was ages before I bothered to listen to the original, which I did exactly once. 
    Hot Chip, “She Wolf (Shakira Cover)” 

    Wolf Parade, “I’ll Believe In Anything” 

  9. I forgot it was Twofer Tuesday

    Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs – Little Red Riding Hood



  10. Since you guys seem to hit all the wolf songs, I’ve had to go with tangential songs.

    The Beginning in particular

    In the 80s TV theme song category

    • welp…its been a while..but i guess today is going to be one of those days where i hum the airwolf theme all day at work

  11. Wolfram is better known in the US as Tungsten. So using that tenuous connection, there are Swedish rockers Tungsten with King of Shadows

    And Malvina Reynolds with the oddity Tungsten (she also wrote Little Boxes, which I loathe, but whatever).

    • did not know wolfram was tungsten
      figured it was some kind of herb…lol
      educational deadsplinter

  12. Peter Wolf/The J. Geils Band. Did you know he was married to Faye Dunaway for a few years in the 1970s? This is another of those celebrity marriages (Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen is another one) where I always thought, “How did they ever meet? What attracted them to each other? What did they ever talk about? How famous they are?”

    • i did not know he was married faye dunaway
      having now learnt that he was all i now need to learn is
      who is faye dunaway?

      • WHO is Faye Dunaway?!?!?! She was Bonnie in “Bonnie and Clyde,” she was in “Network,” “Barfly” (a terribly underrated movie), she was Laura Mars in “The Eyes of Laura Mars,”, “Chinatown”…she’s been in lots of famous movies. 

        • I uhhh…I don’t think I’ve seen any of those

        • Not to mention, she was head judge on the reality competition series, The Starlet on the WB. 

          Tee hee.

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