Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Work Songs

We get the job done

Tonight’s selections are directly from the random playlist in my headphones when I was on the tractor today. I must have music when I’m working. How ’bout you?



  1. I often listen to the radio while I’m doing my chores. This morning’s show was car themed and very entertaining.

    Rose Royce – Car Wash


    Dwight Yokum – Fast As You


    Devo – Speed Racer


  2. eh…i dont get to choose my music when i work….its one of 10 channels on a 2 week rota

    1 week is for the most part current pop and edm

    the other is classic rock/80s/90s pop

    all fridays are dutch…..current one week…old the other

    so…. no…i dont have work music….i have music what plays when i work

    today was radio 10

    lets just say it was not always safe to be near me…. you know… some of those dance moves get a bit iffy when you are holding a drill and a 2 ft long steel bar

  3. A sample of the latest garden mix

    The Posies

    The Replacements



  4. Yardwork requires a playlist:


    The Refreshments – Good Year (for Bad Taste)


    XTC – Take This Town


    Trip Shakespeare – Toolmaster of Brainerd


  5. In memory of Tina Turner. I hadn’t realized she was in her 80s.


  6. I’ve been on a Ghost Woman kick, the band on repeat. This one is Do You:


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