Deadsplinter Up! All Night: World of Pain


The Hoodoo Gurus have been rocking since 1981 when they formed in Sydney Australia.  Dave Faulkner (songwriter, lead singer and guitarist) has been the mainstay ever since.  They are putting out a new album due in late October that will include some pretty cool singles like this one…

This one is my favorites of the newer stuff…

I learned of the Gurus when a friend of mine came back from Australia in the mid 80’s and said “you got to hear what the Aussie’s are listening to!”  It was this song that got me hooked and got me through some tough relationship moments…  

The first album Stone Age Romeos was like nothing I had ever heard before, power pop, punk, and just fun hard rocking…  

Blow Your Cool was probably my favorite album if I had to pick one but it is a constantly changing thing…  

In 2007 they were inducted to the Australia’s Recording Industry Hall of Fame. They are coming to Seattle (supposedly) Apr. 19, 2022 at my favorite place for intimate concerts the Tractor Tavern which is already sold out!  If anyone needs a date or knows a scalper, I’m all in!   

Rock on Mates!



  1. Percy Mayfield – Memory Pain



  2. ill go with john mellencamp – hurts so good


  3. Australian band, Lime Spiders:


  4. Some more Australian

    Celibate Rifles – Gimme Gimme Gimme

    • And some more

      Painters & Dockers – Gun For Fun

        • ruh roh…. clearly my going to bed earlier is having unforseen side effects
          welp..guess ill join the straya party

      • This is killer!  Such killer stuff that didn’t get any play in the U.S. at least in my area.

    • The Everly Brothers: Live From Uncanny Valley!

  5. This is great, @Loveshaq
    “Bittersweet” made me think of the lyrics to this Gang of Four track: 
    Gang of Four, “Damaged Goods” 

    And while we’re on the subject of Aussie bands from the Eighties (and Seventies), I’m reminded of these two from the Able Label: 
    The Riptides, “77 Sunset Strip” 

    The Go-Betweens, “Streets of Your Town” 

    • So much great Australian music!  My other favorite from back in the day was these guys…

    • Replying to myself with this too:

  6. The Bee Gees are (were, I guess, I think at least two are dead, as is Andy Gibb, who has a solo career, poor Andy, he was only 30) from Australia:

    As is Olivia Newton John, who was born in Cambridge, England, but emigrated with her family to Australia when she was 6:


  7. Blow Your Cool was my intro to the Gurus. Anything that I’ve heard from them, I’ve enjoyed. I have several “non-single” favorites from various albums.
    In the Middle of the Land

    Death in the Afternoon

    Head in the Sand


    • Gah, details-schmetails, memory-schmemory. Wikipedia says “In the Middle of the Land” was a single, their third off Blow Your Cool. I only remembered “What’s My Scene” and “Good Times” from that album. 

    • All excellent choices, especially Head in the Sand.

    • Great choice too.  My favorite INXS song was always this…

      • I love every single INXS song. They had such a distinctive sound.

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