Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Wrapped

It’s that time of year again, when everyone does their year-end wrap ups. I know some of you guys are anti-Spotify, so you’ll have to use your imaginations as to what you think you listened to the most.

I listened to 64,481 minutes of music, which is just shy of 1,075 hours and 45 days of music.

In no particular order, some of my top artists were:

My top artist is not above because it’s too embarrassing, but feel free to make a guess below.

What do you think your top artists and songs were in 2021?

As always, thanks for your continued support of DUAN and Deadsplinter!



  1. i dont use spotify…so i dont know how many hours i listened

    but it boils down to…uhh..pretty much every hour i wasnt asleep or watching a movie/series

    and other than the stuff i hear on the radio..theres not been all that much repeat listens… much new stuff every day

  2. I have no attention span so my music is all over the place.  I will go from old dancehall…


    to new stuff from old bands I like …


    to crazy shit I just randomly fall in love with …



  3. I don’t think anyone will be surprised that my most listened to of 2021 was Superwolves

    Make Worry For Me


    Also listened to a lot of the latest Meatbodies

    The Hero


    And new to me Levitation Room

    Mr. Polydactyl Cat


  4. I had 59,928 minutes. Top artists were Dekker, Skinshape, Ran Nir, and Nick Leng.

    I think this is a beautiful song, Tethered, Wrapped Around:





  5. As someone who is perennially behind the curve, my 2021 Wrapped showed a surprising amount of early 2000’s future pop, featuring heavy synths and depressed sounding singers.  That music is terrific for driving the tractor with a bush hog across the pastures.   That, and Mogwai.  Also, Doris Day.

  6. Similarly, I don’t find Spotify’s run-down is adequate to describe my listening habits for 2021, not least because it clearly starts on Dec 1, 2020 and runs through Nov 30, 2021 [case in point: my top playlist of 2021 was whatever they call the Spotify wrapped playlist for 2020, which I mostly listened to in the first half of December 2020 (not much at all during 2021)]. And then there’s the truth that I do quite a bit of listening on other platforms and formats, both digital and analogue (including YouTube, thanks to DUAN and your lovely recommendations). Also, if you do your gym, dance, running, class playlists on Spotify, something you would never choose for yourself ends up being played on repeat and sneaking itself into your top tracks.

    According to Spotify, I spent 87,952 minutes listening (“more than 98% of other listeners in the U.S.”) and, no surprise, my top artist was Nation of Language. All my top five tracks were from them. Thanks to the pandemic, this may be the first year a workout-playlist track didn’t falsely make my top track.

    Here are some of my top tracks of 2021:

    Nation of Language, “The Motorist” (Yes, this came out on their 2020 album, and as a single the year before, but over the course of 2021, it took first place among my favourite tracks from their first album. It’s also probably my favourite song of their full catalogue.

    Nation of Language, “Wounds of Love”

    Bachelor, “Stay in the Car” 

    Wet Leg, “Chaise Longue” 

    Helado Negro, “Gemini and Leo”

    And this was probably the first track of 2021 I obsessed over:

    Benjamin Haycock, “Restlessness”


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