Deadsplinter Up! All Night: X Marks The Spot

2 X Tuesday.

Thanks for coming around.



  1. i guess ill go with two very different beasties today


  2. and a twofer for the owners of more than 2… X-tra Nipple

  3. Xana Romeo – Righteous Path


    • I love this!

  4. Taking some liberties with the X theme on my twofer.

    Exuma – The Obeah Man


    • thanks for spelling it out…coz not available in my country

      oh….thats something else

      i love it!

      • 😁

  5. oh hell….. just coz someone gotta do it

    • ohmygod….you need to watch that with captions on….its a glorious mess

  6. The Brazilian singer Xuxa was huge with kids for some reason back in the day.

  7. RY X Howling


  8. X – “When It Rains”

    Blondie – “X Offender”

  9. One of the songs that got played at Volleyball practice *every* day during our junior year,


    Late summer of ’92 was alllllllll about the butt songs😆😂🤣;


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