Deadsplinter Up! All Night: You Are Your Own Best Friend

Edward Bear’s “Best Friend” was introduced to me, quite fittingly, by a very good friend.

This friend trades in obscure vinyl and some years ago found on the flip side of the band’s 1972 hit single “The Last Song” an absolute gem which he shared with me and I — without exaggeration — listened to it on repeat for, oh, let’s say a week at which point it was relegated to the depths of a playlist on shuffle and forgotten entirely until earlier this very week when it rode that randomized algorithm right back into my ears and where it was made manifest before me in all its bear glory and whereupon — out of sheer exuberance — it absolutely kicked my dick in.

I, now dick-less, ask you to cherish this link, for it appears to be the only internet repository of “Best Friend,” the Canadian pop rock quarantine anthem you didn’t know you needed:

The world is a freaky place right now. Everything is viscerally immediate and forever distant, a strange mountain we catch mere glimpses of as we wander alone in our forests. Perhaps you, too, feel lost in this wilderness and would enjoy a pep talk from a kindly bear.

Thank you for your continued support of Deadsplinter. A pleasant time was had.



  1. I love that song. I recently picked up that album, actually. The rest of it doesn’t quite live up to that song, but it’s a fun listen. Here’s another forgotten band with a jangly tune about friends.

    Friends of Mine – Glencoe

  2. …only seem to be covers on youtube but if vimeo links work I guess my first thought (at least that I think I might not have posted multiple times already) would probably be Hendrix?

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