Deadsplinter Up! All Night: You Be You


So listen, friends: I don’t have a damn thing to say tonight. It’s been a challenging week with hassle after hassle. Nothing serious, thank goodness, but it’s been a load of dumb shit, capisce?

Nothing would please me more than to just open up this mid-week party to whatever tickles your bottoms. I always learn something when I find out what you’re listening to over there in your worlds. I mean, my playlists haven’t grown this much since my older sister’s greaser/stoner boyfriend sat me down and laid down the law about what rocked and what didn’t (although, to be truthful, playlists meant something different back then).

I’m opening the floor to your whims. Me, I’m gonna post some tasty doo-wop and maybe this and that, but you do your thing. Old, new, good, bad, or Air Supply. No rules tonight.

But thank you all for being here and for being part of Deadsplinter & DUAN.


The El Domingos (aka The Spin-Tones) out of Sewanhaka High School. in Floral Park, Long Island. From 1958.

The Heartbeats, out of Woodrow Wilson H.S. in Queens, NY

The Cryin’ Shames out of Liverpool. Not to be confused with the U.S. Cryan’ Shames. This early song penned by Burt Bacharach & Hal David (believe it or not) and was produced by the amazing Joe Meek, which is why it sounds like it was recorded on Mars. I am very partial to singers with lisps because when I was a little boy I had a lisp and had to go to a speech therapist who looked like Mary Tyler Moore and straightened me right out. She still visits me in my dreams sometimes.

I don’t think the great Willy DeVille gets near enough love. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame should be burned to the ground for not inducting him when he first became eligible in 2013. It should be burned to the ground anyway because the very idea of a “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” is an abomination. But Willy DeVille was still a wonderful artist.

Finally, I should probably include a little something from this century so you don’t think I’m some fossil living in the past or anything. Here’s the wonderful Bill Frisell Trio. This album was on my top 50 of 2020, not that anyone cares.

Now GO. What are you waiting for? Let’s hear what’s going on with youse.



  1. One of my favorite SRV tunes is his cover of Hound Dog Taylor’s Gimme Back My Wig


  2. suns set…now i have energy again…..anyways…im trying to blow up my headset with bass again

    • oddly enough…deep rumbly bass soothes my headaches
      its like a brain massage….or some shit…

      that was not a brain massage….just my fucked up sense of humor

  3. And she may not look like your stereotypical blues guitarist but girl can play!

  4. Offenbach Be Mine

    Jack Ladder Feel Brand New 

    Brasstronaut Hawk


  5. Since we’ve been talking about Spinal Tap…


    • I’m more of a big bottom kind of guy


  6. Hideous Sun Demon – Distractions

    Cow Catcher – Incredible

  7. I just found out this year is the 50th anniversary of the founding of Philadelphia International Records, so in honor of ine of their top acts:
    The O’Jays — Now That We Found Love

    • You may be interested in the history of The O’Jays.  They started out as a doo-wop group:
      The Mascots, out of Canton, Ohio, met in high school, where they used to “flirt with girls and sing instead of study”, according to one of the members. The son of a local Greek grocer heard the guys harmonizing one day as they were passing by the store and later arranged for the group to go to Cincinnati where King Records’ Sid Nathan gave the high school juniors contracts and renamed them the Mascots.

      They were invited to do a sock hop in Cleveland where they met DJ Eddie O’Jay. He later took the group to Detroit where it signed with Dayco Records. The Dayco single “How Does It Feel,” did well locally. It was during this period that the group, referred to now as “O’Jay’s boys,” was rechristened the O’Jays.


  8. I didn’t know this came from the O’Jays – I’ve only ever heard the Heavy D and the Boys version.

  9. Your reluctance to make use of the proper adjective for Air Supply is borderline offensive.

    Awesome, I believe, is the word you were looking for there…

  10. I can’t oversell the whole album that’s from, Ship Ahoy. It’s one of the great 70s soul social consciousness albums, right up there with What’s Going On and Innervisions.

    • That is a strong comparison. Will be looking that one up for a listen!

  11. Heading to Hawai’i on Friday. All I want to do is be able to relax.

    We’ll be right on the the water, so….


    • Have a great time Meme!  Aloha!


      • Have a great trip, @MemeWeaver.  I want to hear a full report when you get back.  Since I don’t like to fly, I’ll probably only see Hawai’i in my mind.  

        • Hey @Loveshaq, are Jim & Bob well known in Hawaii?  I know it’s really old-timey stuff, but they have a good sound.

          • I was not familiar but they have the sound of that era.  I’ll ask my buddy whose grandfather was a band leader of that time.  My family didn’t get to Hawaii until 50s so though I have heard stuff way before that my music knowledge is mostly after that or just stories from the elder generation of that time.

  12. Since it’s Pride Month, here’s something to put on your Pride playlists: 
    Romy, “Lifetime” 

    ….and an unplugged version: 
    Romy, “Lifetime (Live Piano Version)” 

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