Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Yuve Yuve Yu

Thank you for continuing to show up to Deadsplinter! Mongo metal!

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    • Good stuff.
      I made a Spotify playlist finally with you in mind.

      • Post that bad boy. My wife and I are dying. Spotify name?

        • Jonee. Post it here? I can do that?

        • Ah, here you go. 6 hours of choice cuts.

          • followed the playlist as well, hope that you don’t mind.

          • Hey Jonee – I nicked your Spotify stuff so thank you! Not sure why but on the one I went right to the James Gang tune which was awesome! It was like a force out of my control directed me there!
            And I never thought of this but did you get your username from Devo? Pretty cool!

    • +1 very cool stuff.

  1. Song For Wilde – Mark Fry

    • This is great. I image sunday morning reading the paper with a good irish coffee.

      • +*

    • This song sounds so familiar & soothing. It reminds me of one of my sister’s favorite Hawaiian songs. Olomana – Ku’u Home O Kahalu’u. This song makes me cry everytime I have to leave Hawaii:

      • Such a beautiful song.

      • fantastic. Hawaiian artists need to be heard more widely

    • Seattle used to have a cool psychedelic band that used to do the Mongolian throat singer thing. I saw them in the Sky Church at the EMP, best sound you could ever imagine w/ a 50ft ever changing screen as the background. Needless to say, it was one of my best Bumbershoot musical memories: Diamond Fist Werny – Enchanted Parkway

      • Wow, that’s interesting to hear that in that context.

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