1. cant leave out zorba…..tbh…any party any version of that song gets played at is usually a good one

    unsurprising really…the greek are good at parties….and tax evasion…have you ever been to greece?

    noticed all the unfinished top floors on houses?

    yeah…. no property tax if your house is still under construction….so they all just add half a second floor and say they will finish it…one day….brilliant really…lol.

    and for my twofer i will go with sukekuyo – zephyr

    • Opa! My favorite aspect of Greek life is they used to, and maybe still do, have this complicated retirement system where the more physically demanding or dangerous your job the earlier you could retire. This makes perfect sense. A coal miner for example: 20 years in the mines should be more than enough. But in Greece they expanded the occupations so broadly that hair stylists and dog groomers were retiring around 50, maybe even earlier. And despite these being public pensions there seemed to be no way to track them, so tax evasion was rampant, and it wasn’t clear that anyone was paying into the system to begin with.

      The Greeks used to be able to finesse this by tolerating constant devaluations of the drachma and ramping up their tourism business, so their food exports were very cheap, as were their hotel and restaurant prices. The Italians did the same thing. The government could live off all the foreign currency earnings. But then along came the euro and all fiscal policy essentially moved to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, and prices rose substantially. They weren’t helped by the German banks shoveling money at them in the form of loans, which the bankers knew the EU, especially Germany, would ensure would be repaid. If I were Angela Merkel I wouldn’t retire to Greece.

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