Deep Sigh [NOT 30/11/21]

Hi, friends!

How is your day going? Anything fun happen today?

I tripped last night holding a cup of water, and while I luckily missed spilling it all over my dear sweet ancient laptop, I did manage to douse my sofa. I dried things off as best as I could last night. Of course today I see there’s a big stain from where the water dried. Deep sigh.



  1. Got my booster today and almost immediately started feeling dizzy–which is weird because I’ve never had a reaction to any shot I’ve ever had, including the two previous covid shots.  So, I bailed from work a couple of hours early and went home.

    • Hope you feel better soon.

    • Mine is scheduled for next Friday, and I have the following Monday off as a buffer. The 2nd shot knocked me on my ass for DAYS.

      • I’ve got mine scheduled for Monday. I was pretty sick from the first two, am hoping this one isn’t as bad.

    • Are you still having side effects?

      • Roughly 9 hours after the fact, the dizziness is starting to get a little better.  I’m hoping by the time I wake up in the morning it’ll be gone.

        • Take it easy, stay hydrated.

    • My wife and I have a date Friday getting our boosters. I’m bummed we have to drive all of three miles to get it. At the beginning of the year I’d be appalled how spoiled I am now about something so easy.

    • I’ve got my booster scheduled for this Thursday, and I’m taking that day and the following off.  I’ve never had a reaction to a vaccine, including the first two Pfizer COVID ones, tetanus, or even the anthrax ones I got while enlisted.

      But, all of my coworkers got hit by the booster, and I think they all said it hit them harder than any of the other two doses, but was also generally shorter.  Most only seemed to be suffering from side effects for a day, and I think one or two people had it for two days.


      Hope you recover soon.

    • Let us know that you’re OK tomorrow, please.

  2. Violet Chihuahua had a seizure Sunday night. Not breathing, not seeing, bladder release, then twitching, very scary. Emergency vet triaged her and told us there was an 8 and 1/2 hour wait. We got her into our vet Monday…blood tests, x-rays, the works. She also has an eye abrasion and ear infections. She goes back Thursday. Then Emma Chihuahua-mutt blend goes in Friday for some kind of injection to help her blown ACL. Emma has heart, liver, and kidney issues so no surgery. Our give are old and decrepit. Every day we balance quality of life. Sigh.

    • When First Butcher Dog had cancer we’d made the decision not to run her through endless treatments and surgeries because the vet said it would always come back and pets can’t consent to the pain and misery of these invasive procedures. (Initially we thought she just had a fatty deposit that needed to be removed and it wasn’t until the vet got in there that he realized it was cancer. She was in so much pain after the first surgery, even with medication, that she didn’t sleep for three days and it broke my heart.) A couple years later, when she started losing control of her back end and stopped eating, we knew it was time. About a year after that we saw some pictures we’d taken of her and realized how blinded we’d been about her condition. We should have put her out of her misery months sooner. It’s a terrible thing to have to make these calculations for someone we can’t talk to. I feel your pain.

      • I feel for you.  It’s so hard to let a loved animal go.  We waited too long too I think, but who knows.

    • That must have been very frightening. ❤️

    • Yep, those are tough choices in that balance. Sorry you are going through that. You guys are in our thoughts.

    • @elliecoo I’m so sorry to hear about your girls. It’s so hard to have to make these choices for them. *hugs*

  3. My booster produced no side effects other than a sore arm. I’ve been very, very lucky through all 3 shots. Shingles vaccine is next.

    • The shingles vaccine hurt like a motherfucker. It’s very thick so they have to force it into your shoulder. It hurt for three days. I get the second dose in February. Still better than getting shingles which I’ve already had twice.

      • I’ve never had it, but I know I don’t want to. Friends who have had it say that it is hellish.

    • that’s another one I should look into.  I didn’t even realize they had a vaccine for chickenpox/shingles, so that’s nice.


      It’s just fucking absurd that so much of our population has come to the conclusion that vaccines are bad.  stupid fucking assholes…

    • Genetics is why I don’t assume my chances of survival with CoVID and would rather take my chances with the vax.

      Just continue to be glad I ignore social media because that shit’s more toxic than anything. I realized that the toxic behavior that FB enables makes me hate people more and as a grump I don’t need to add more fuel to the fire.

    • How the fuck is his death “tragic”? His death is stupidly avoidable.

  4. woke up and checked the news (coz idont learn ) and hey….school shooting….thats been a while

    anyways…i should get my booster by 2040…the gubment here has just about got the system set up to get the 80+ crowd jabbed..hoping to get 60+ by years end

    im kind of impressed….i mean…they had to dismantle all the work they did to get the vaccines rolled out late..just to be fucking late again

    this shit takes effort….not just lazy uselessness

    • they have to work really hard to be that incompetent

      • its truly impressive and clearly not accidental

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