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What random and/or dumb things have been percolating in your brains recently?

After watching Thor: Ragnarok over the weekend (by far the best Thor movie), I decided to rewatch the first Thor movie throughout the week for the morning treadmill time. Despite the bad wig and the obnoxious overuse of blue color washing in some scenes.

How is Loki actually Laufey the Frost Giant King’s son when there are only dude frost giants??? HOW?

Odin stole him as a little baby, so clearly they don’t reproduce asexually in mud (ice?) pits like the Uruk-Hai do in Lord of the Rings. That was my first thought, but it doesn’t track.

Are there no female frost giants? Do they look exactly the same as the male frost giants? I find this odd as the male ones are pretty masculine.

Are the female frost giants kept locked away somewhere? That makes no sense. The male frost giants would brag about that sort of thing.

Were the folks working on that movie all male and no one thought “huh if he’s stolen as a baby, maybe people will ask where the female frost giants are?”

Or, was it just that no one doing concept art thought “oh yeah! I need to make some sexy giantesses because I want to think about death by snu-snu…” ergo no female frost giants made it into the movies?



  1. My local news is saying that body they found is Laundrie.  I want to know if he killed himself or got some of nature’s justice.  What makes someone do something like that then think they can get away?

    • The news are saying it here, too. Said they used dental records to identify the body. I assume he offed himself. Alligators, despite bad press, typically won’t fuck with full-sized people. Maybe a rattlesnake, which would be appropriate.

      Still weird shit though. The parents apparently led authorities to the place where the body was found. I’ll never be convinced they weren’t involved in this.

        • Same. I feel as though they should pursue additional forms of identity verification, because dental records alone just don’t feel sufficient. But I bet his parents have already destroyed everything that might contain testable traces of his DNA.

          • If they found remains, they can get DNA from that.

            If they don’t get viable DNA, it’s because someone in the chain of custody or chain of command interfered.

            We’ve gathered DNA from fucking fossils, some guy dead a few weeks in a swamp… not really an issue…

            • Yes, I know they can obtain DNA from even fossilized bone, but the issue is finding something from which they can establish a known sample of his DNA for comparison–and therefore verify that the skull remains are his. The van, which is now in FBI possession, is probably their best source, but the Laundrie parents have probably scoured that inside and out by now. And they’ve almost certainly destroyed anything at the house they think could provide a match verification.

              • I don’t think they need to find a pristine sample of his DNA prior to his death, for the remains, showing he is the descendant of both of his parents would be more than sufficient, I would think (or maybe even just a descentdant of either of his parents, but I guess there is a possibility of really weird conspiracy theory’s in that direction

                And, if he’s ever worked a federal job, been arrested, or any of numerous other tiny little things, there is a not terrible chance there is already preserved and catalogued DNA from him.

                granted, this is hardly my field, and it’s been quite some time since I’ve read much of anything regarding DNA evidence in regards to criminal investigations, so I just want to get out in front and say I may be completely wrong, and am open to correction…

  2. There are female frost giants. Notably, in Norse mythology, Thor’s mother Frigga was a frost giant. In mythology, they stayed largely in their caves. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they simply aren’t shown, with one notable exception: Sylvie Laufeysdotter, from the Loki miniseries. She is a female frost giant.

    And yes, shapeshifting was common in Norse mythology among frost giants. Loki, for example, shapeshifted into a mare and gave birth to Sleipnir, Odin’s eight-legged stallion.

    Norse mythology is weird as fuck, and highly entertaining.

    • Valid points, I totally get that actual Norse mythology has female frost giants.

      But the MCU doesn’t really seem to, and retconning it with Sylvie in a series that came out a decade later when she doesn’t show any blue skin or affinity to icey stuff that I recall, doesn’t really work for me. Especially when there’s also alligator Loki and several other Lokis that don’t seem to be any sort of frost giants. Did I completely miss in the Loki series where they say she’s a frost giant?

        • Definitely needs to exist, but not for this particular “issue.” Movies are limited by time and money. You can’t realistically argue that mythological background characters who require extensive CGI should have to feature representative genders. If they don’t move the story forward, there’s no reason to do that. King Kong never showed female giant gorillas. Gender oversight is a serious problem, and this is not a hill they need to die on.

      • It wasn’t stated explicitly. Her name is written out in the case file Loki reads, and it says “Laufeydottir” (I spelled it wrong). That means “daughter of Laufey” in Scandinavian countries (Thor is Thor Odinson, for example). As daughter of Laufey she’s a frost giant. So yes, it’s an inference, but it seems to be a legitimate one.

        I don’t find it odd that we never see female frost giants, since all of the scenes depicted that I remember were fights or wars, and that’s not traditionally a place for women. Variant Lokis can be explained by the fact that Loki is a shapeshifter, and he can take on any form, including Allokigator. The more interesting question there is “why?,” not necessarily “how?” That does undercut the Laufeydottir argument somewhat (since she could have started as a he), but then we move to:

        And if the frost giants are all shapeshifters, then plenty of them could be female but take a male form to fight. So gender may not be the fixed issue it is for others. The Loki series does state that Loki is bisexual, so maybe ALL frost giants are genderfluid.

        You’ve made me think way more about frost giant society than I ever have before.

        • They’re frost giants. Why do they need a male form to fight?

          This is the sort of thing that just annoys me because the rebuttal here keeps rolling back to defaulting to male gender as normative. Oh of course they’d all look masculine to fight. How else would they look?

          They’re mythological cgi beings. They don’t need to all look masculine to be scary badasses.

    • Damn good question. The props master should have been monitoring the weapon closely (I think that’s how it works). Dumbassery had to be a factor here, unless someone dropped the weapon and it somehow discharged that way.

      I don’t care how ignorant you are of firearms, you never point one at a human you’re not trying to kill.

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