deep thoughts [NOT 24/1/22]

Hi, friends!

Deep thoughts time.

If you are an *important person* making a fuckton of money and you leave me off emails while asking for my input on those emails, two things will happen. One, my friends on that thread will IM me and we’ll laugh about it. Two, they’re not going to add me onto the thread and you’ll be very disappointed when I don’t answer you.

*important person* due to their sense of self-importance

Also, Stan Kroenke is a piece of shit and the douchey attempt to keep San Francisco 49ers fans from buying the foosball tickets for your Los Angeles Rams game by requiring billing addresses to be in the LA area is a shitty, poor sportsmanship move.

If you’re Ticketmaster, all you just did was make Stubhub and other resellers a fuckton of money on seats that are going to end up on their platforms. Not to mention, plenty of 49ers fans have friends/family in LA who would make the purchase for them and then get reimbursed 6 seconds later on cashapp or whatever.



    • Well in this case it seems to be the selling platform for LA Rams tickets at that dome.

      I dunno. I haven’t used them in years and years but that’s because the theatre shows I use go through MetroTix which is a local distributer for event tickets.


      • O.o

        i hate speed cams…especially the sneaky disguised ones (deterrant my ass)

        but needing an officer present to observe the law being broken or its unconstitutional?

        i guess all cctv footage of crimes gets dismissed in court too?

        • If the “legality”/constitutionality issue there is like it was here in MN, they don’t allow the tickets w/o a cop, because the cameras can’t prove who *exactly* was driving the car.

          There was too much “plausible deniability” that the car’s owner may not be the person doing the driving–and therefore shouldn’t be the person getting the ticket.

          With the cameras, iirc–at least here in Minneapolis when they were around–the tickets were being mailed to the address where the car’s owner lived…

          But that didn’t necessarily mean they were being sent to the driver who earned the ticket.

          So once a few people sued, and the company doing the surveillance admitted they’d never be able to prove who the vehicle’s drivers were, the judges hearing the case basically told Mpls to shit it ALL down, because it wasn’t constitutional to do;

          Basically, since the ticket was linked to the License Plate, not the Driver’s License, it fell into the area of “not being able to face one’s accuser” and issues of Due Process.

          In addition, Minneapolis also never really tried to get them put back in, because the studies started coming back, with accident rates in cities that HAD Red-Light cameras, vs cities that didn’t.

          The research at that time showed an increase in speeding & accidents in places that kept the cameras, ‘cuz folks were apparently speeding UP, as the lights turned yellow–in order to avoid getting caught by the cameras, rather than slowing down & stopping…

          Between the legality issues AND the additional accidents (at higher than previous speeds!), Minneapolis’ lawyers convinced the city that the cameras weren’t worth any potential increase in revenue from tickets, because the city’s payouts would also be increasing.

          • yeah over here the tickets just go to the cars owner as nobody else is legally allowed to be driving it…unless they are co opted in the which case they share the same address anyways…so fight it out amongst yourselves to figure out who actually pays the ticket…but the owner gets it

            you can appeal the ticket if you are sure it was nothing to do with you or otherwise not warranted….but im not entirely sure how that works as ive always earnt my tickets…

  1. Garbage man does garbage things.  Anyone who has learned about Stan K. should realize he will always be a piece of greedy grabtastic shit in human form.

    The corporate leadershit that runs the NFL makes me view fandumb cynically. Hard to look at any sport these days and actually enjoy it.


  2. Ah yes, Ticketmaster, purveyors of the surcharge ($4) and the access fee ($2) and delivery fee ($1.50) and the ticketing fee ($3.25) and the surcharge fee ($1) and the fee surcharge ($0.75) and the online ticket fee ($2) and the will call fee ($4) and the printable surcharge ($5.50) and the convenience charge (just add another 20%) and…

  3. On the subject of stupid attempts to favor home teams, Defector has an article about how the US Men’s soccer team has a World Cup qualifying game against Honduras scheduled Wednesday — in St. Paul MN. (Not sure if the paywall will block this)

    Basically they point out that whatever home field advantage they think they might get from playing Central Americans in Minnesota in February is outweighed by the fact that almost no Americans are used to playing in that kind of cold either, and playing in that kind of cold is stupid regardless. It makes injuries a lot more likely and means you make games much more flukey.

    Overthinking things is one of the curses of the modern world. Quadruple bank shots are dumb.

    • At least it’s not *tomorrow* Wednesday, but JFC!!!?!!?!?!?


      What IDIOT thought this was a GOOD idea?

      They should be forced to go out and run around that field ALL DAY in soccer gear, themselves,for that asanine idea!

      Ffs, we’ve had RIDICULOUS windchill lately! “Feels like” temps across the whole damn STATE in the negative digits many days this month–we’re STILL in a windchill advisory that started *sometime* last weekend, snd goes through tomorrow, for Pete’s sake!🙄🙄🙄

      Not only is that kind of cold dangerous for frostbite & muscle-injury reasons, the turf freezes, increasing the likelihood of both cleat/shoe-related injuries, and there will be additional injuries caused by players who FALL on that harder surface (it gets about az hard as asphalt or concrete!)

      There IS NO HOME-FIELD ADVANTAGE when it’s that cold!!!

      That’s why the Vikes have an indoor stadium!!!!!🙄🙄🙄

      To protect the “investment,” aka–all those players’ bodies…

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