deep thoughts [NOT 7/2/22]

Hi, friends!

Hope your Monday went well, talk about whatever.

I was thinking that we stopped testing our tornado sirens since I haven’t heard the tests in months. They’re at 11am on the first Monday of the month.

Nope, realized today that the shitty ventilation system above my desk is just so noisy that I can’t hear the siren despite being near a window. So that feels extra safe.



  1. The stuff about Thiel leaving the sinking ship like the rat he is! Facebook’s board, to go “help” elect Trumpers…

    Is it really because of “the legal stuff,” like some of the journalists think…

    Or is it that (more likely, imo!), ‘ol Pete’&  his shills are finally able to glean enough info off all the marks who use the various apps they peddle and the Spyware on the programs they sell to others, that they no longer need the access Facebook gave them???


    • I ran across these threads, too;


      • …every damn time…every time I think “yeah, there’s probably no way I could have a lower opinion of thiel than I do now”…& every time it turns out that no, it can get lower

    • Freaking NY Times. Their original article said “He has also been seen as the contrarian who has Mr. Zuckerberg’s ear, championing unfettered speech across digital platforms.”

      Somebody must have reminded these dopes that lawyers funded by Thiel for the Hogan lawsuit are now behind Palin’s lawsuit against them. Because the Times appended the phrase “when it suits him” and then linked to an article about his secret crusade against Gawker.

      They reflexive swallow the spin fed to them by right wingers, and then wonder why smart people get mad at them.


  2. they are at noon first monday of the month here…and likewise cant hear them at work

    anyways…currently considering if im happy ive already had breakfast and still have plenty time for more coffee

    or….annoyed that i woke up 40 minutes too early (aka just close enough to the alarm clock to never hear it if you go back to sleep)

    mostly siding with annoyed at mo….shoulda just rolled over and woke up a couple hours late for work again

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