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I’m wondering when yogurt goes bad.

I have a tub of plain yogurt that had the sell by date of Aug 6th and I’ve just still be eating on it. Smells normal. Looks normal. Does it go bad? Is it just making more probiotics??



  1. The whole sell by date thing is a scam. Marketplace did a story on it recently but I can’t find it on my phone. As long as it smells and tastes fine I say eat it. 

    I’m wondering what we’re going to do when the lake freezes over and Butcher Dog wants to go swimming. 

    • Sell by or best by dates are generally bullshit, but expiration dates usually do give you some indication (but with a safety cushion). 

    • Butcher Dog is gonna have to learn to ice skate. 

        • @butcherbakertoiletrymaker You should be able to do that. We have an Urban Mushing League here. The dogs pull bikes, carts, skateboards, scooters. 

    eh how brave are you?
    yoghurt doesnt go bad just like milk doesnt
    which is to say dates have fuck all to do with it
    if its chunky its off
    if its smelly its off
    if its neither of those things but over date its probably safe

    • As the daughter of a former milk-man***(😉), and someone who grew up around a lot of dairy farming families… I both agree *and* disagree, Farscy!
      Milk absolutely does go bad/sour–and can do that quickly (w/o chunks!), if stored at the wrong temp!
      However, things that have “already *gone* bad,” like Sour Cream & Yogurt?
      Typically, if they smell like they’re supposed to, *look* like the texture they’re supposed to (“watery-ness” on top that you pour off is fine), have been constantly stored at the proper temperature, and aren’t moldy, they’re fiiiiine.😉
      They’ve already been through the “going bad” process… so aside from mold, or an additive (fruit, etc) going bad *in* them, there’re really not much else there *to* go “bad”💖
      ***my dad was the guy who picked up the milk from the farms & drove the bulk tank trucks to the creamery to be pasteurized, homogenized, & processed … not the one who “delivered milk to all the houses”😉

      • Can you offer any insight on where milk goes wrong other than inconsistent temperature? I’ve been getting milk from a local farm (in glass jugs that I return and they recycle, which is a lovely setup), and I’ve sometimes had issues where I open a new one and it’s already got some separation up top, and those ones seem to go bad within a couple days. It’s pasteurized. I wonder if they’re having storage issues on their end. 

        • Temp is the biggest reason for it to tip.💖
          If it’s pasteurized milk, that plus *time *will be your biggest reasons.😉
          Tbh, sour milk (non-chunky/non-moldy!) is still good/usable in plenty of baked-goods recipes! It CAN be used safely if it’s getting up to a certain temp–that’s why if you ever look at old recipes (whether family ones, in a recipe box, *or* in really old cookbooks!), some of them will call for “sweet milk”–“sweet” simply means “fresh & not going sour.”
          Almost anything that you use buttermilk in or that tells you to “put vinegar/lemon juice in milk, stir, and let set a few minutes,” you CAN use that non-chunky “sour”/off-tasting milk in, and *again IF it’s Pasteurized!* 
          If you’re getting it pasteurized from the farmer, and it’s *already* separating, I’d suspect that it’s probably old and/or wasn’t rotated date-wise in the cooler properly, or that *somewhere* in the processing, it didn’t stay at temp.💖
          In that case, honestly, if you’re getting it separated & it’s turning within a few days?
          I’d 100% reach out & let them know that when you got it, it was separating, and that it didn’t last past a few days! 
          They may not realize that, and there may either be an issue with power somewhere “in house” at their end, someone who’s supposed to may not be rotating inventory, *or * there could have been temp issues at some point in the delivery trucks to & from the processing plant (either in the bulk-tanks to the creamery, bad temp gauges in the tanks *at* the plant–rare, but it happens!–or a bad reefer truck bringing it back to them.
          If it’s happening to YOU, it’s also happening to their other customers–and could be driving folks away (because the good stuff in glass is expensive!) And a good farmer will be glad for the help maintaining their business!💖
          THANK YOU, though, for getting pasteurized  milk, from that farm, and NOT the unpasteurized kind!!!🤗🤗🤗
          Frankly, Unpasteurized is too often DANGEROUS, and–like the “antivax” movement stuff, too many folks don’t understand that people used to DIE, before Pasteur developed his method!
          Milk sickness (poisoning!) was REAL, y’all!!! 
          more here;

          Now, am I a hypocrite, when I say to ONLY, EVER, drink pasteurized milk?
          Honestly, YES!(😉), because I have drank raw, cooled milk, pulled straight from the bulk-tank, & put into a pitcher in the fridge before…
          Remember? i grew UP *around* dairy farmers, went to sleepovers at my friend’s houses, and my Auntie & Uncle (my godparents) were “next door” neighbors** with a dairy-farm family!  Been there, drank that!!!
          That fresh milk IS some of the richest, best-tasting milk you’ll EVER drink, because it’s not pasteurized, and it hasn’t been mixed with milk from thousands of other cows–because it’s not homogenized… it’s gonna taste sweeter, depending on what those cows were fed, and whether/not they grazed sweet alfalfa hay, or pasture grass, etc….
          I will/would only, EVER, drink bulk-tank/unpasteurized milk from farmers i personally KNOW, *have* known for years, whose barn I’ve personally walked in, and whose milking process I’ve personally  been able to witness!!!
          I’m never going to drink raw milk from somewhere I can’t do ^^all that^^ or from someone who’s not damn-near family…. because you don’t fuck with milk products!!!🤨🤨🤨
          Too many times, the farmers willing to sell “raw milk!” because “it’s healthier!”?
          Those folks are too often running shady dairy operations! They’re not making sure the cows they are milking are immaculately clean before they start to milk them…(scrubbing/washing down the udders & VISUALLY/MANUALLY INSPECTING THEM IS REAL, Y’ALL!!!)
          Those cows might not be getting regular checks by a veterinarian, if they’re showing symptoms of being sick in any way…
          The farmer may be low on funds, so they might have older equipment (in & of itself NOT a bad thing!💖), and might not have all the money on hand they need to rinse out the whole system multiple times a day & get it clean-clean….
          And they also may be cutting corners because sometimes, it wasn’t necessarily as much of a “choice” to sell non-pasteurized milk, as much as itwas a matter of them having such low standards &/or sick cows, or bad lots of milk, that other farmers (or the processor!) kicked them out of the co-op that they used to belong to, or whose creamery they had been delivering to!🤔🤨🤢
          There’s simply much too much overlap, between the antivax, “raw milk,” *homeschool only,* quiverfull, and “let’s use oils, because Western medicine is bad!!!” crowds😬😬😬
          (**country/farm-neighbors, so actually, “mile-down-the-gravel-road-neighbors” to friends who were dairy farmers.  They paid their farm friends a few dollars a month, to be able to send the kids over to the farm & pull a couple gallons at a time out of the line during morning or evening milking).

          • Haha I should have known that asking you for info would result in a full essay! 😂 Not a criticism – tons of useful and interesting stuff!
            You’ve convinced me to get in touch with them next time I get an iffy one. I’m always really hesitant and uncomfortable about complaining, but I think I can do it if I approach it from a position of notifying them so they can check for any flaws in their system.
            Super interesting about “sweet milk”!
            And absolutely, unpasteurized milk is scary! And illegal to sell I thought? Though maybe that’s just in Massachusetts. I have had opportunities to drink straight-from-the-cow milk at my husband’s family’s farm in Argentina, but I never did. Freaked me out. Besides I don’t ever drink straight milk anyway – the stuff I get now is basically all for Lil, or sometimes cooking/baking.

  3. Yogurt totally lasts longer than the date on the package, I’m usually eating it past the date. If it looks and smells good, I’m pretty sure it’s still good. I occasionally check in on things on stilltasty or doesitgobad. 

  4. For most yoghurt that has been stored at a proper temperature and is unopened, you can usually eat it a couple of weeks after the date and still be OK. 
    If it’s already opened, I would carefully monitor it and just be sure it isn’t going off or sprouting anything.

  5. I had a little tub of yogurt in the fridge, only a week past the expiration date. But the top had puffed up even though it was still sealed. I pitched it, seemed iffy. 

    • If it’s bubbled, I toss it, too.
      But if it’s not bubbled, still sealed, and has been stored in the fridge that whole time, without ever losing temp?
      I’ll TOTALLY eat it, even months past date (lost a couple, at the bottom/back of the fridge, a few times when I was super busy with two/more jobs and driving two-hours each way to one of my colleges… money was REALLY tight back then, so I opened it to check–it looked & smelled fine, I googled first–saw nothing saying it *wouldn’t* be safe if kept at the proper temp… so I tasted a tiny bit.
      It was fine, and ever since, if it’s been stored at temp since, if *I* was the one who bought it and it passes the sight (mold/slime), and smell tests, I’ll eat it.
      I’d never serve it to anyone else, of course!!!
      But *i* will totally eat it myself under ^those^ specific conditions.

  6. Think about it:  you’re asking if sour milk goes bad.

    • cleverclogs….

    • Right? It’s like asking if sauerkraut should be thrown away! 

      • Oh, Brighter, THANK YOU for making me giggle and remember an OLD family story with your “Sauerkraut” comment!😉🤣💖
        My great-grandpa emigrated from Austria in the late 1800’s… and my Great-Aunt Mary (my grandpa’s sister, Great-Grandpa’s daughter) told dad & I a story one time, about Great-Grandpa and him missing “real, ‘back-home-style,’ sauerkraut!”
        Apparently Great Grandpa missed the type of kraut he grew up eating–annnnnd since the process *is* fairly simple–annnnnd since Cabbage was very much a staple that he and Great Grandma grew in their garden every year (so did all their kids, fwiw!💖), Great Grandpa decided one year, that HR was going to make a batch of his *own,* rather than having “the ladies” in the family make & can it.
        So he got out the HUGE crock (we’re talking *multiple* gallons–i can’t quite remember what size crocks the family had–i know there were a couple of either the 40-gallon or 50-gallon ones–because when I was tiny, they were taller than me😉)… it was a minimum of 10 gallons–maaaaybe closer to 20-30?… a LOT of cabbage went into it!
        So Great Grandpa gets out the big-ass crock, a TON of giant cabbages he grew that year, a bunch of salt, and the kraut cutters…  the man shreds and salts cabbage for hours, to fill up this huge-ass crock, hauls it downstairs to the cellar, puts it on some blocks on the floor, puts cheesecloth on it, places a giant platter on top of that, and then weighs down the platter with *something heavy*( can’t remember if it was rocks bricks, or some sort of smaller crockery)…
        A couple months go by… 
        *Crock-o-kraut* is bubbling, platter is sinking, fluid is forming on top… things are getting stinky in the cellar….
        More time passes–at least two more months–and it is now midwinter.
        Great Grandpa goes down into the cellar, to check & see how his kraut is doing, and discovers the crock, clean, and empty, upside-down in the cellar.
        He tears back upstairs, and bellers for Great Grandma…
        She comes in, and he hollers, “What did you DO with my sauerkraut?!?!???”
        She says calmly, “what sauerkraut?”
        He says, “the Sauerkraut in the crock in the cellar!”
        She replied with, “Sauerkraut?!???What Sauerkraut?!? I went down into the cellar, and noticed that it STUNK, so I went over & looked at that crock you brought down there & forgot about… it was SO gross!!! Full of festery-looking water, mold, and bubbly slime floating on that gross liquid–just NASTY!
        So I had the kids haul it all upstairs & dump it behind the barn, then had them scrub out the crock & put it away.”
        Great Grandpa then explained that his kraut had been almost finished, and that it was days away from being ready to eat!😄😂🤣
        Any time he made it after that, he made sure to let Great Grandma know he was making kraut, and also made sure he reminded her that he was still making sauerkraut, until they jarred it up!😉🤣💖

        • Hahaha! Honestly, I can’t blame her. Fermenting cabbage is a rough smell, and if it was moldy and slimy, I wonder if the process had gone wrong anyway? (Maybe not. I know sometimes with that kind of stuff you can just skim off the top gross layer and the rest is ok.) 

      • I remember that one! So good. 

  7. Radical take: no yogurt should be eaten at any time, it is slimy. 

    • shit….im siding with ellie on that one
      anyone that wants to change her mind will have to get through me
      good luck

    • Real yogurt is fine. That dogshit wallpaper paste called Greek yogurt is an abomination unto God and nature. 

      • define real yogurt
        coz if you mean american….you and i are going to disagree
        fucking sweet shit.

    • @Elliecoo! I’m shocked. Yogurt is a delicious and healthy, creamy treat. 

      • @Hannibal yogurt is the cilantro of dairy products.

        • Lol

        • Well that tracks. I love cilantro and yogurt. 

          Not together.

          Although a tangy cilantro yogurt crema sauce would work great with curries. 


  8. anyways no burning thoughts here
    im a good little worker drone
    just dont fuckin bother me and there wont be trouble
    anyways…..i bear the scars from all the fuckheads that wouldnt let me be
    (and  no…i didnt win of the fights….but i am still standing)

  9. Phillies just gave up 3 runs in the 9th of a tie game, and I’m wondering why the fuck I waste my time watching them

    • Hard to believe it has been 13 years.

    • You sound like a Blue Jays fan after almost EVERY game this season.

        • Damn Americans whining about “disrespecting the flag” hung our flag upside down.


    • Does Gritty ever crash games to hang out with that weird muppet reject Phanatic? 

    • Because sports fans are masochists who get off on pain and suffering.
      I (as a sort of former distant Leaf fan) know these things.

      • As a Minnesotan, I resemble these statements!!🙃😨😢😖

  10. I’ve had a very emotional week so I might be overly excited about my new toilet seat delivery today?

    Not excited enough to actually open the box and install it so I no longer risk breaking my neck from sitting on a non-attached toilet seat though. 10 minutes of obligatory miniscule effort just feels like a whole lot right now. Like with most things I am just happy it is here.

    • Happiness is a good toilet seat.

      • @manchucandidate I randomly see your comments on Wonkette but have never created an account in order to star (upvote) them. So please take this as a starring of your comment today on the Arnold Schwarzenegger post.

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