Deranged Dickhole Disparages, Denigrates ‘The Dean’ and Dear Debbie Dingell

A-Plus Treatment

Debbie Dingell’s Dignified Defense:

I can’t even today. John Dingell honorably served our country his whole life. He fought for Medicare and Social Security. He actually helped make America better, unlike Biff who is not fit to say his name.

On his deathbed, John Dingell had the following to say:

It’s an expression that has always grated on me. In democratic government, elected officials do not have power. They hold power — in trust for the people who elected them. If they misuse or abuse that public trust, it is quite properly revoked (the quicker the better).

Wise words, & if there is a heaven or hell, I hope he’s smiling down from above.



  1. Why would Debbie Dingell even have to call Biff asking for the flag to be flown at half mast? Shouldn’t the President of the United States have called the widow of the longest serving member of Congress to offer his condolences, and assure her that all honor would be shown at his passing? The crack about hell was so inappropriate. I’m starting to think Biff is terrified of dying and finding himself in a fiery pit. We know he projects all his fears on everyone else.

    • I should have mentioned, and it should come as no surprise, that that part was a lie. The esteemed Debbie did NOT call Trump, he called her. And yes, he would have received all the honors and accolades generally afforded to someone in his position, irregardless of what Trump said.

      (don’t @ me, the irregardless was a joke.)

      • It certainly seemed like the sort of thing POTUS would automatically do, but with his lack of decorum I thought it was possible that one of Dingell’s aides may have felt it was necessary to call. I was pretty sure his re-enactment of her whimpering plea was bullshit!

  2. Everything with this dipshit is quid pro quo. I allowed the state funeral for your husband, so you shouldn’t vote to impeach me. Anyone who doesn’t think he engages in that behavior is willfully ignoring it, like when he does it in FRONT OF THEM.

    • What was it that Comey called him? I think it was “ever transactional.”

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