Did Mexico pay for this one?

There’s a sentient glob of orange Play-Doh threatening the zoo, so it’s time to build a new wall.

Normally I’m against walls, particularly THE WALL, but this one seems smart. Wouldn’t want that glob getting out. And I suppose it’s better than cowering a bunker with Eva Brau– err, Melania. (Smile! C’mon, smile!)

Fascists are such pathetic cowards, aren’t they?

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  1. Speaking of leadership under siege, this article by Ashley Feinberg about the uprising at the NY Times is worth reading:


    Useless Opinion editor James Bennet made the putrid choice to run an op-ed piece by Tom Cotton calling for troops to put down what he called insurrectionists.

    Multiple Times employees took the unprecedented response of tweeting that running the piece put Black NY Times staff in danger.

    As Feinberg pointed out, Times reporters were furious that Bennet hadn’t dumped the piece for Cotton’s lie about Antifa leading the protests, which had already been debunked by Times reporters, and lies about the source of violence being protestors and not police.

    In a joint letter to management, reporters are pointing out that they are putting their safety on the line to cover these stories, where police are targeting reporters, and management thanks them by running a call to ratchet up the crackdown.

    • No need to climb. A group of about six people could push it over. Those poles would bend. I’ve also got wire snips in my toolbox that could cut a hole big enough to walk through in about 5 minutes. But pushing would be faster.

    • Were you watching “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” recently? That’s a major plot point–supplying evil villains with attack dinos in completely unusable situations.

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