Ding Dong. The witch is dead!

Joe Biden beats Donald Trump. Kamala Harris is the first woman elected Vice President.

AP, NBC, ABC NYT, REUTERS and others called it (card)



  1. Ding Dong. The witch is dead!

    If only! But I’ll take what I can get. This is a start. Now we have to help the fight for the run off elections in GA.

  2. This is very exciting news. I wish I could go to work Monday and gloat like my Trump voting coworkers did 4 years ago.
    I just hope it isn’t 4 solid years of undoing, rebuilding, and Mitch McConnell shenanigans. 

  3. vote updates:

    GA over 7,500:

    NV over 25,000:

    PA over 34,000:

    AZ over 20,000:

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