Disappointed [NOT 2/2/22]

Hi, friends!

How is your week going? Anything good? Anything disappointing?

We did not get the snow today that was forecast, and locally they’re like “oh it’s still a-comin” and the math doesn’t check out. They said like 6-10 inches of snow. Instead of snow today, I mostly had light sleet. There’s about 3 inches, mayyyybe, of snow. And they’re saying it’s going to start again late tonight and end up being 10-15 inches. I just don’t see how that will happen.



  1. “Disappointed” is an understatement…

    • Pretty damn accurate.

      My dumb ass thought the Washington Redskins were based in Washington State until a few years ago because the logo does not look like anything iconographic to mid-Altantic tribes.

      I don’t know why they couldn’t just be the Nationals like the baseball team.

      Prior to the NFL screwing over St Louis the first time, we had the Cardinals Football and Cardinals Baseball teams and it was fine. Convenient for our dumb brains to keep track of, too.

      • No offense intended here or anything but I am going for the Rams in the SB. Not because I care who wins, really, but because St. Louis fans will be upset about it. Also because Matt Stafford deserves it.

        • Oh root for them, that’s fine. We liked the players. People just hate Kroenke.

          Trust me, St Louis is more upset that the Chiefs lost in overtime last week than anything about the Rams playing in the Superbowl.


          • I never thought I’d say this in my lifetime but the Bengals look as though they’re going to be an elite team for a while. They’re young, fast, and full of confidence. I didn’t watch the Bengals/Chiefs game so I just assume Andy Reid pulled an Andy Reid?

            • Yeah Bengals played great. And Mahomes threw an interception in OT.

            • Joe Burrow is the real deal & they will be really good until his rookie contract ends & he becomes 50% of their salary cap (see Russel Wilson)

              • Welp I can’t unread that.

                Also what the fuck was that.

                Good for the 2 that walked off.

                • I’ve never watched that show & never will but unless he was dressed as the poop emoji, somebody needs to be fired!  I will say, I always figured that Rudy was a furry so I can see why he would want to do it.

              • If Rudy is too much even for stalk-his-ex-and-grope-his-music-video-model Robin Thicke, well.

                Also, the show didn’t fire Thicke?

              • I’m “disappointed” that I live in a timeline in which “flu vaccines gave my kid autism” Jenny McCarthy – who skyrocketed into fame by checks notes pretending to fuck Santa Claus in a Playboy magazine – is in a position to judge others’ talent…but here I am.

              • I hope he sang this.  Fitting.

        • Cincinnati is more or less the local team here. So I’ll root for them in spite of their disgusting take on chili.

          • I know it’s served over spaghetti noodles, but whatevs. We had chili mac over macaroni noodles when I was growing up to stretch the food over more meals.

            No clue about the flavor, though.

            Is your disdain based on the fact that chili shouldn’t be served over pasta/noodles or based on how it tastes?

            • It’s a whole different flavor than chili. It’s more like pastitsio which I actually like. But instead of being layered like lasagna it’s dumped on top of the pasta. It’s just sort of weird.

              • Sorry, did you say chili tastes like pistachio? Does not compute.

                  • I am not well rounded on things like that, pardon my foolishness.

                    • It’s not foolish to not know something. At least I hope not because there are a LOT of things I haven’t a clue about, lol. 🙂

    • I was hoping for Obstructionists or Filibusters.  Much more accurate!

      • OMG that’s hilarious. The Fillibusters.

        I was secretly hoping for the Lobbyists or something like K Street Warriors or some dumb shit like that.

    • Washington Custards have a better ring.


  2. Our forecast keeps getting worse , they’re now saying we’re gonna get an inch of ice before the snow. The governor has already declared a state of emergency, there are widespread power outages expected. And temps as low as 2 degrees. I tried to get my daughter to pack up the cat and drive here in the morning but she won’t. So I’ll be worried about her. We have a fireplace and lots of wood. I cooked a bunch of stuff that can be wrapped in foil and reheated in the fireplace. If her power goes out she’ll just have to bundle up I guess.@lemmykilmister I owe you for the Rittenhouse recommendation. It’s a dfine whiskey!

    • I hope your forecast is wrong and that it’s not nearly that bad.

      I’m worried about Texas again. Anybody know if Ted Cruz has already left for Mexico?

      • Tx probably isn’t going to be as bad as last year. We do actually get ice storms nearly every year around this time, it’s just last year’s storm was so fucking intense and everyone was unprepared. This system is currently looking more like our typical icy weather. At any rate, we were all so traumatized that many have prepared just in case the grid snaps again. 🥶

        • Texas power is a shitshow & has done nothing to improve it from last time other than convincing people that was a freak event.

          • Oh yeah I phrased that very poorly. Ahem.

             Individuals have stocked up on basic survival necessities in preparation of current& future storms because we know no one is going to help us if/when the power grid fails again. Because our officials are idiots and criminals.  

          • Not true, heard the governor plans to save Texas with bit mining, so….

            • Awesome considering we don’t even have enough power to keep people from dying in once yearly cold snaps, huh?

  3. The US men’s soccer team just started their World Cup qualifying game in St. Paul. It’s 3 F, probably going down to 1 by the end.

    Bunch of geniuses who picked that location.

    • Yeah I get that they’re playing Honduras and there’s some assumption that a team from Central America will be at a major disadvantage in this cold.

      But also.

      The US team will be miserable in this cold weather. And everyone will be at increased of injury playing in those temps. Not to mention risk of getting sick.

      • So the US team won, but part of the point is evaluating your talent against other national team competition. This kind of ruins that piece of it.

  4. Meanwhile in Canada, the Social Conservatives upset that Erin O’Toole made them vote against torture for gays, er conversion therapy and pretty much everything else he’s waffled on (leadership, Nazi Shit Trucker fucks, CoVID19 vax mandates, etc) have organized a cockups revolt and kicked out the Tool.

    No viable leadership candidates around unless you count the gawd sqawd crazies (and there are a lot of them.)

    Ironic, considering how much the Cons have pushed the “He’s not ready” about Trudeau.  At this point, I’ll happy if civil war breaks out on the right wing.

    Erin waved his military service as some kind of macho touchstone that he’s a brave man. He forgot or didn’t know or most likely didn’t care that courage isn’t just under fire or fighting, but more importantly there is such a thing as moral courage where you do the right thing in the face of screaming shit bags screaming about their freedumbz and realizing there will be a political, emotional, financial price paid by YOURSELF (something that war hero John McCain also failed.)

    • The Ottawa police claim they have evidence that this entire freedom motorcade facade was founded and funded by Americans.

      I don’t want to get permabanned from DS for expressing my thoughts on that so I will leave my thoughts to the imagination of others.

      • Sorry, we call it spreading democracy.  Suck it up buttercup! Damn snowflakes!

      • Should we make it a NOT topic? I’ve got free reign next Friday. Promise not to boot you from DS 😉

        • NOT:  Canada the 51st state?

          NOT:  Should the US invade Canada for the Strategic Syrup supply?

          • Wait, the US territories get first dibs at becoming states.

            Also, are you suggesting all of Canada become 1 state just so that the pissing contest between Alaska and Texas over who is bigger would officially be over?

            I don’t know how I feel about this. I can remember a lot of the Canadian provinces — Saskatchewan, Quebec, Alberta, Ontario, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador (I only remember these because of the dog breeds), Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, British Columbia.  I know I’m missing a few, I think there’s 13 total. Seems incredibly insulting to not only make them a state but make them all the same state.

            But also I probably can’t list all 50 states so percentage-wise I might know more Canadian provinces than American states? Which is hilarious as I’ve never been to Canada.

            • Just take Alberta and Saskatchewan…merge them into one state…and call it FlaTexCan.

              • We’re not taking your unwanted shit and making it a state. We did that with Florida and look how that’s turned out for us.

                • If Florida can take Justin Beiber, they can take the wexiters from AB and SK.

                  • Florida is already full of French Canadian separatists.

            • No spoilers, I’ll save my thoughts for Friday.

          • Re: the latter…

            Senators Leahy & Sanders filibuster with hard Sinema-like curtsies-thumbs down!

            “We’re trying to match Canada in health care and cannot afford to waste energy trying to match them in Maple Syrup.”

      • Did anybody assume that fucking stupidity wasn’t funded and founded by Americans?

        When I was voting in the presidential election in 2019 the man in front of me had one of those standard “FREEDUM!!! MERRICA!” shirts on and legit had cut a pair of mens underwear to wear as a face mask since they were required in the polling station.

        That seems like the caliber of person who thinks the freedom motorcade is a good idea.

        • over here our anti maskers are using the motorcade as proof we are unhappy with our gubment

          i havent quite worked out how that works yet….but ill take their word for it…

  5. Glad to hear the storm didn’t materialize as predicted. Same here in Kansas City. Sure, snow, that required plowing, but no power outages or snowbound streets.

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