Disasterous Season for the Dolphins as They Extend Their Winning Streak.

More terrible news for the Dolphins and their fans; they have won a second game.

Above: The Worse Case Scenario

This was never part of the organizations plans, obviously, but the Dolphins probably weren’t counting on playing against Brian Hoyer, nor were they counting on not having to defend Colts receiver T.Y Hilton. The Colts defense desperately tried to help the Dolphins preserve the Dolphins tank job, but the offense couldn’t manufacture enough points to help the Dolphins out.

The Dolphins next head to the suddenly skidding Buffalo Bills, looking like they could go extend their winning streak to three. May God have mercy on those poor bastard’s souls.

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  1. This was the Bizarro World week for several NFL teams. The Saints lost to the Falcons (!!!), the Browns beat the Bills (!), the Bears won (Trubisky actually kinda played worth a damn this time!), And the LOLJets stopped Jetsing for a minute to dunk on the hapless LOLGiants. Look to the Bengals for the sole bright light of stability and assurance in this upside-down week.

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