It’s been good to see everyone come together in the spirit of comradeship since the great collapse. So with that in mind, lets rank the candidates!

  1. Bernie
  2. Warren
  3. no one
  4. Castro
  5. Beto
  6. Harris
  7. Booker
  8. Yang
  9. Steyer
  10. Sestak
  11. Messam
  12. Klobuchar
  13. Bennett
  14. Bullock
  15. Williamson
  16. Delaney
  17. Getting hit by Drews exploding brain
  18. Biden
  19. Buttigieg
  20. Tulsi


  1. Well.. they did it. They killed SplinterRIP on Kinja.

    Motherfuckers actually did it.

    I don’t know if I can handle the commenting system of WordPress, but I’ll be keeping an eye on y’all and likely will join Discord for the weekend.

    • +1. This new system will take some getting used to. Which is ironic, because among the many things that hooked me to the entire Gawker platform, it was the commentariat. Comments section can make or break a site. It drove me away from Crossing Broad here in Philadelphia and it keeps me off Barstool. But the communities Gawker cultivated across each site were awesome.

  2. RIP, SplinterRIP. Well, technically they gave it a bogus URL so it’s still there (I found it through my notifications) but people won’t be able to find it anymore.

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