…do we have to? [DOT 17/1/20]

…so here’s the thing


…by which I mean the thing the lady is referring to in the bit about “he also broke the law”

gotta be honest -just about every time I hear her from I struggle to understand what (besides gender) the folks deemed “more likely” nominees have to offer that matches up to the bar she’s been setting…& I get the feeling I’m not alone in that?

…or there’s the ever-popular “so…we just for some reason weren’t doing that already?” kind of sane-crazy-fine


…I checked but it wasn’t April 1st yesterday & apparently that really has only just got around to being the sort of election-specific information it seemed like maybe specifically election people might specifically want specified if it specifically happens to their specific bit of the specific fucking election because otherwise the whole thing seems like kind of a sick joke & with asshat mc chomps-a-lot in charge there’s more than enough poor taste being flung about without those

…elsewhere in the “how is this the good news?” column we have at least a couple more entries


…anyone else wondering if maybe everywhere should be considered in a state of emergency?

…not the sort that lets the inmates currently running the asylum run it over folks harder & faster but just in the sense that sometimes you get through the headlines in the morning & it seems like people shouldn’t just be calmly going about their day if all this shit is happening…at least a few of us surely ought to be running through the streets screaming & shaking people & asking why the fuck they aren’t completely freaking out & what exactly the fuck is wrong with them?

…that’s how they get you, see – you go running around like a crazy person on account of the world clearly having gone completely off the rails & the next thing you know you’re wrapped up nice & snug in a set of extra-long sleeves in a nice padded cell where even Alex Jones at full screech can’t make you listen to another word…& for a moment you think to yourself…this is nice…but eventually you get to asking “how did I get here?”

…anyway…in other damning-with-faint-praise news good enough to scrape over the bar these days we have this statement of the obvious


…don’t think it takes an expert to be puzzled about that one

…& speaking of puzzles


…because oh, yes folks – it’s trial time in the Senate for realsies this time


…which is why this shit seems like it’s bang on schedule




…it may be a meaningless bit of pedantry to some but I’d just like to note that one of the things about the whole mess that I personally find unduly satisfying is that technically speaking this trial bit isn’t about whether your common or garden tangerine twittler gets impeached – he already is & always will be

…the same way you apparently have to keep calling people “Mr President” when (unlike everybody’s favorite foreverpresident…whether yours is Obama or Jimmy Carter or whoever the hell isn’t this god-forsaken friend to evangelists) they might rather call them a scare-mongering, hate-spawned tool of cancerous proportions that has left a stain upon the fabric of a nation it’ll take a generation or more to get out no matter how hard you scrub

…well, that’s how indelible that “impeached” tag is & I hope it hangs around the be-suited pile of flop-sweat (that masquerades as a man apparently by dint of repeated shellacking in day-glo perma-tan) like a goddamn albatross he & his clown car posse personally shot out of the sky

…probably with a fucking MOAB

Angry Trump Says Focus Should Be on a Trade Deal, Not a ‘Hoax’

…so when that inevitable chorus of acquital=innocent bullshit starts rolling out I hope it’s greeted with a wall of fucking laughter because we’ve finally reached a point where even people with their heads literally under rocks, or wedged firmly up their asses…or even in that padded cell from earlier…KNOW THAT’S A FUCKING JOKE

…speaking of jokes – what’s the lowest bar?

…a Bill Barr, obviously – that attorney ain’t fooling anyone about the “general” bit…his shit is way too specific for that

Justice Dept. Investigating Years-Old Leaks and Appears Focused on Comey

…which is why this genuinely made me laugh


…how many hours until Fur Face Friday, again?

…nevermind…it’s too many – here’s something a little easier to digest



  1. yeah i have no clue what to actually think about most of that stuff anymore between the tinfoil hat, the unpredictable american public, the hacking elections and the turtle…who the fuck knows what will happen at this point?

    • …would that be the track with the line about the Ariana Grande show that got bombed?

      …I don’t want to sound unduly callous but I strongly suspect that the folks most up in arms about how bad a thing it was he said that may be out here selling albums & making money for the guy they claim to be hating on?

        • …finally found the time to listen to it & I’d say I might have a few thoughts?

          …if I’m honest probably more than enough for a long-ass post about various aspects of metaphor & poetry & things that aren’t generally associated with hip hop like William Blake & his Songs of Innocence & Experience

          …but the short version of my thoughts is that the video takes a pretty obvious through line in the lyrics that makes it very clear that it’s a particular shooting that he’s tying them to & which lends itself fairly easily to a claim that he’s talking about being the shooter but I’d argue that within the wider context of the other lyrics he has where he riffs on that idea (iirc Encore ends with sound effects of him shooting his own audience) then what he’s saying is considerably more nuanced & actually pretty powerful if you allow it to be?

          Sage explains it much better than me, though…& he did it before the tune in question was even recorded which is some kind of rap-wizard shit & no mistake…

          • This dropped today which also conveys the message

            I’ve been thinking about the Eminem track and while I don’t care for the violence I’d hope that he might reach a different demographic. Idk.

            • …yeah – I’ve been thinking about it a bit, too & that post I said I’d need to explain what I was on about would be a pretty long read

              …I can see how it might be open to a suggestion that I was reading stuff into the lyrics that wasn’t necessarily there but I don’t think I’m full of it?

              …where that sage tune is quite structured in the different ways it approaches the metaphor in general I think in a lot of his tracks eminem has a tendency to be pretty fluid about that sort of thing & the way his stuff is packaged tends to bury a good deal of what I’d argue is some of the more nuanced aspects it arguably could lay claim to…

              …maybe if I can find the time I could put together something (or some things) under the rhymes with tag?

    • This reminds me of the Harry Chapin song Sniper. I think we all want to understand what drives people to commit these terrible acts. But it troubles me that both songs can be interpreted as sympathetic to the shooters. Or at least to the forces that led to the violence -isolation, depression, rejection. I’m not suggesting that art can’t explore these ideas, but it worries me that groups that already worship people like Elliot Rodgers will listen to this and hear justification for mass murder instead of a man trying to wrap his head around how a person can carry out such a horrible crime. Of course anything can be twisted to fit a particular agenda.

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