Donald Trump Jr. just tweeted out the whistleblower’s name, like the shithead that he is

If you had “sixth most loved son of Trump’s five children” in your “who will tweet out the whistleblower’s name” office pool, congratulations, you just won. You get the tacos on Tuesday.

This from the Political Tribune. I’m not going to reveal the whistleblower’s name here because – well, I’m respectful of the rules involving whistleblowers, and I’m also not dumber than a bag of wet mice, like Failson Jr. is.


  1. The total disregard of their well being and safety is atrocious, knowing his rabid fanbase I can only hope this individual stays safe and is promptly protected.

  2. These motherfuckers.

    (That has been my daily affirmation since before 2016, really. The only question is “what will it be today?” Sometimes the answer is, “multiple things”.)

      • I have seen no evidence that 45 and his offspring or any of their associates are actually human beings. While the absence of such evidence cannot be in any way construed to be conclusive, it certainly is cause for doubt despite the general appearances.

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