Don’t Ask Me [DOT 25/2/22]

I have no idea…

Just keep reading yesterday’s DOT for your Ukraine update.


Russia-Ukraine latest news: explosions heard inside Kyiv as Zelenskiy vows to stay in capital – live updates

Well that’s something at least.

Three Ex-Officers Convicted Of Civil Rights Violations In George Floyd Killing


Grambling hires Art Briles, who coached Baylor during scandal, as offensive coordinator

Stonks! The stonk market was a wild ride yesterday. The Dow opened down 800 and closed up 97.

Stock futures fall after a stunning comeback as investors assess fighting in Ukraine


This made me laugh harder than it should.

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  1. TIL that New York State has the largest Ukrainian community in the country:–new-york-ready-to-welcome-ukraine-refugees

    I never would have guessed that. I knew that NYC once had a little Ukraine, and its most famous vestige is beloved Veselka (who were kind of late to the game, opening in 1954):

    where I have eaten many a delicious blintz and pierogi.

    On this same topic, I seem to remember knowing at some point, God knows why, that there is a huge Ukrainian community in Manitoba. Is Canada putting out the welcome mat? I should think Canada would.

    This spider monkey threw out the welcome mat/tail to a cat:

    Happy Friday!

      • This caused a certain jolt in my brain because, after I’d been awake for about half an hour, I  opened my bedroom door to find a streak of light coming from my front door, which was halfway ajar. (I don’t know for how long, and nothing seems stolen or out of place, but . . . yeah.)

    • How does that clip not have this song playing with it? (Or is it just because of copyright?)

      It’s pretty much made for that clip!


    • Maybe it’s because most reporters usually just lump them in with Russians? It used to be common practice to just lump Albanians, Serbs and Croation immigrants together as Yugoslavian, which was pretty misleading. You get that same kind of lumping in a lot of reporting that just treats all Asian Americans as interchangable.

      • Maybe. We get tons of news about the ex-pat Russian communities, what they get up to, where the restaurants are, politicians and officeholders, there’s even a casino (“ResortsWorld”) where they like to hang out (it’s near LaGuardia and in the last couple of elections served as a polling place, as if this were Atlantic City.) But not much about Ukrainians.

        We also hear quite a bit about the Albanian enclave in the Bronx. It is kind of famous for being the source of supers and door staff citywide. I think over the last 30 years at least four of our supers have been from that community; they were certainly Albanian Americans. Why just today:

        God knows what Valezquez is thinking. You don’t want to needlessly piss off a large group of constituents that seems to vote in lockstep. It was the Russian community that turned at least one City Council seat from D to R.

    • There are even branches of the Ukrainian Federal Credit Union in and around Albany, Rochester and Buffalo as well. There are some communities that would be very welcoming to any potential refugees from Ukraine — though, of course, we’ll see how welcoming this country actually is as our record is [checks notes] outright horrifying.

      • There are very eerie parallels to WWII in this. The Russian invasion is being called a blitzkrieg. Civilians, mostly women, children, and the elderly, fleeing from the east to the west. People in the cities sheltering in air raid shelters and in underground metro stations. Pleas for foreign aid and solidarity. Brave but ultimately futile resistance.

        Let’s hope the US acts more honorably than it did 80–90 years ago regarding any refugees.

    • We go to Veselka every time I visit my sister.   Also, she says that the Russians are all on Medicaid even though they roll up in their expensive cars wearing expensive clothes and jewelry to have their anchor babies. And, they can be scary as shit because, and I quote “They will kill you.”

      • Let’s put it this way: the Russians are not to be fucked with. A sort of irony is that so many of them are Jewish, and they were allowed to leave the Soviet Union for some reason while non-Jewish people were not. So they themselves were refugees but managed to establish a very Soviet authoritarian kleptocracy, and much of their realm can be viewed from the top of Deno’s Wonder Wheel, a ferris wheel at Coney Island.

    • We have a huge Ukrainian and Russian population in my area.  The Ukrainians have several huge churches too.  My housekeeper is Ukrainian and speaks almost no English.  I’m not looking forward to seeing her husband this week and having him lecture me.  It usually goes like this…”Ukraine goooooood, Putin baaaaaad” followed by a bunch of stuff I cannot understand spoken very fast with many hand gestures.  It ends with him throwing his hands up and shaking his head like “what you going to do?”

  2. I was able to impress my girlfriend (now wife) with the ability to deliver three major food groups: stir-fry, steaks, and meats-on-sticks, and topped it all off with cleaning up the kitchen after. Still 90% sure the willingness to do dishes was the deciding factor.

    • I mean, duh.  I studied this shit for my master’s degree and looking at all of the data was what swing me all the way over to commie healthcare after a lifetime of ingesting propaganda over this issue.  Of course, this clearly isn’t hitting the major news outlets and even if it did you know it would get watered down somehow.

      Plus, this little tidbit:

      Under the five single-payer scenarios the agency evaluated, a “reduction in hours worked would be largest among lower- and middle-income households because those groups would see the largest percentage increase in wage rates and reductions in (out-of-pocket) expenses and premiums.”

      Which will be translated into Republican-speak as, “gubmint-run healthcare will result in a nation full of freeloaders.”

  3. If this is true, this is a great sign!

    • cant say im seeing anything about that on my end yet

      plenty protests in russia tho…course..they’re all getting arrested

      still…sure looks like this does not have the popular vote at home

      sooo….could be true i guess

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