…don’t jinx it [DOT 29/1/20]

…sure, it could just be another fake out piece of theatre because the sonuvabitch knows either that he does really or that it doesn’t matter because the whole proceeding is divorced from its foregone & inevitable conclusion

…but it does a heart good just to read the words

McConnell tells Republican senators he does not have the votes to block witnesses

…so why not repeat it?


…sure, it sucks that the spine-free GOP retain their morally abstinent death grip on the gavel in this overblown courtroom drama…& it will undeniably suck on a scale almost as grandiose as dumbass donnie “littlefingers” trump (the dotard-iest dotard ever to dote his sagging brand of inverted sedition into the Oval Office) believes himself to be when he is unaccountably accounted “not guilty” by a willfully corrupt set of Senate “representatives”

…who in their turn may indeed represent a portion of the population so entirely blind to themselves as to think that what they stand to gain by enabling yet another round of Dolt45 brand delusional talking points with which to assault the faculties of anyone with a functioning set like nails screeching down a chalkboard is something other than a Faustian bargain for the soul of their nation

President Donald Trump’s lawyers on Tuesday wrapped up their final day of arguments in his impeachment trial, calling the charges against him unfounded and politically motivated.

After previewing their case in a short session on Saturday, Trump’s legal team doubled down on Monday, insisting there was nothing improper about his dealings with Ukraine’s government and casting blame on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

The president’s defense largely avoided direct mention of a bombshell report involving John Bolton.


…but who apparently might – much to everyone’s surprise – actually appreciate going through the motions of pretending proceedings played out in full


…obviously if the ambulatory mustache that is Bolton had an ounce of actual integrity & wasn’t huddled in a corner somewhere bristling about how close he got to getting to go to war with Iran he could have testified to all manner of stuff before the House & this might all look significantly different

…but you’ve got to take what you can get in this world & I will admit that the fact that a self-serving effort to shift personally-aggrandizing merch is the thing that’s making old man baby pitch the hissy-est of fits is the sort of irony I’ll admit to finding some comfort in

Bolton Was Concerned That Trump Did Favors for Autocratic Leaders, Book Says

…not a lot, though…because that crack I made about him just scrawling something about the rapture in crayon on the back of a burger wrapper & calling it a middle east peace plan…yeah…that might be starting to haunt me a little

Trump unveils Middle East peace plan with no Palestinian support

…& lest you think that because he’s so indescribably fucked (but almost certainly going to skate anyway) he isn’t still busy making sure that as many people as possible that might be looking to turn up & live a life based upon the ideals of the nation he’s so dementedly ravaging don’t…or at least can’t


…how is only Wednesday…surely it must be Next Tuesday already?



  1. Doesn’t matter if the Republicans allow witnesses. Doesn’t even matter if the Republicans allow every damning bit of testimony imaginable. That’s because Trump essentially confessed to the crime when he released the minutes from the phone call and yet we’re still here fighting over this whole shitshow. The bottom line is that not only will every single Republican vote to acquit, because the glove don’t fit, but they’ll probably get a vote from Manchin and Jones, which will give them all the ammo they need to scream “SEE EVEN THE DEMOCRATS KNEW THIS WASN’T A REAL THING.”

    So, fuck it.

  2. The biggest upside is that it’s making Trump crazy right now, and when he’s like this, he usually reveals something else he’s doing that’s corrupt or illegal.

    But really, Trump could sexually assault and murder Susan Collins on the floor of the Senate tomorrow and McConnell would have the votes for acquittal while Murkowski and Graham and Romney and Manchin (and probably Collins’ ghost, natch) all hemmed and hawed and ultimately gave him a pass.

    • Mitch, standing in a pool of blood: Well, as we all know, you can’t be arrested for crimes committed on the floor of the Senate, so as much as it pains me to say it, the President had full authority to do this.

      Democrats: That law only applies to Senators and Representatives, and specifically excludes Treason, Felony, and Breach of the Peace, all 3 of which apply here.

      Mitch, wiping brain matter off his tie: My Democratic colleagues have been looking for a reason to impeach this duly elected president since day one. We cannot take this choice away from the American people, especially when no crime has been committed. This charade must end.

      • Ken Starr: It’s shocking that Democrats would try to use murder as a tool of impeachment. This opens the door to impeachment being used every time a sitting president chooses to come to the Capitol and kill someone with their bare hands.

        Democrats: Uh, what about the sexual assault then?

        Starr: The what now? I didn’t see anything.

        • The whole thing really has been like watching Charlie Day’s uncle trying to lawyer. The GOP literally offered up no defense other that what about Hunter Biden and something, something Obama that I couldn’t even follow. I guess it was a win for the GOP though because Dershowitz had pants on or something.

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