Funday? [DOT 14/12/20]

I’m a little behind on the news because, honestly, who can keep up?!

I spent Saturday, with the exception of my Zoom workout, goofing around the house. I made banana bread and pizza dough and the Mr. made a grilled pork loin.

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Got any news I missed? Drop it below the line.

I have nothing to add here, just watch and tell me that’s normal.

Same shit, different day.

Atlanta police chief resigns after law enforcement fatally shoots black man

Rayshard Brooks shooting: Atlanta police chief resigns as mayor wants officer fired

WAPO’s coronavirus updates aren’t behind the paywall, FYI.

Live updates: As coronavirus infections surge nationwide, 21 states see increase in average daily new cases

Coronavirus 2nd Wave? Nope, The U.S. Is Still Stuck In The 1st One

Lulz pwnd lulz:

I had to learn about this and therefore it’s only fair that you do too. Click at your own risk.

Harvey Weinstein’s deformed penis explained

Palate cleanser after that:

Have a super Sunday!



  1. i just ordered a flower bomb (basically a box of bulbs and seeds) it was free…i had to
    i wont leave a link coz im pretty sure its locals only… but still
    respect nature maaaaaan
    save the trees
    save the bees
    ……i wonder if my bong is still in the attic

    • also…this was written like 30 years ago…still seems apt

      that said…i coulda gone with barry macguire…. the more things change the more they stay the same eh?

      • in unrelated news….i just learnt me daughter has a boyfriend….. could ave sworn she was a lesbian…*shrugs* anyhoo… dudes called abel….thats some biblical shit…
        apparently he really hates being called abe
        hehhehehre sup abe

  2. -CoVID19 will only have one long ugly wave in the US because of the ineptitude/stupidity/craveness of Trump. A case for not voting for the stupidest/weakest/childish person as your leader.
    -Harvey’s deformed dysfunctional dick is fitting for a guy who spent decades abusing people with it.

  3. The Fox News/Monty Python gaffe was a thing of beauty. The median age of a Fox viewer is 65 (some sources say it skews higher.) “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” came out in 1975. So, the median Fox viewer would have been 20 when Holy Grail came out, which puts them in the group most likely to have seen it in a theater. Many would have been stoned, no doubt, but whatever. I wonder how many of them immediately recognized the reference and thought, “These morons…”

  4. I’m not reading about Harvey Weinstein’s deformed penis this early in the morning! I’ve got to have a few drinks in me before that happens.

      • Back when some of the grossest and most criminal Weinstein acts were coming to light 70 years ago (two years ago, seems like a lifetime the way 2020 has been going) one I specifically remember was he cornered a woman somewhere in Socialista, whipped it out, and masturbated into a potted plant in front of her. I seemed to remember it was a ficus.

        About a week later I had some friends over and we (who knows why, but we make our own fun) decided to drunkenly make up the most foul names we could for a post-punk band, with the restriction being it could only be two words. My entry was, “Harvey’s Ficus.” I won!

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