Today is Tuesday. [DOT 19/5/20]

#QuarantineThoughts: There are two people in my house and I have to run the dishwasher

What’s the single pettiest thing that’s making you crazy right now?

You know, besides the obvious things below.


Trump says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19 despite FDA warnings

I am Ok with this: “But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been warning since April that the drug should not be used for that purpose because it could cause irregular heartbeats and other cardiac trauma.”

I’m sure this will go over well!


Dow surges more than 900 points in best day since early April amid hope for coronavirus vaccine

All this does is make me wonder what Ronan has up his sleeve? Someone is going down!

Ronan Farrow: master #MeToo reporter hit by surprise New York Times takedown

You love to see it:

A former employee is suing hedge fund firm Advent Capital Management and its founder for alleged sexual harassment and discrimination, the latest development in a long-running dispute between the employee and the firm.

Seems legal.

Watchdog was investigating Pompeo for arms deal and staff misuse before firing

Climate change still going on…

The strongest, most dangerous hurricanes are now far more likely because of climate change, study shows

And on…

Category 4 Cyclone Amphan takes aim at northeastern India, Bangladesh, with life-threatening storm surge

Ok, Karen.

It can’t be all bad, can it?

How about a joke?

I’ve watched this a few times.

Thanks, I love it:

Have a great day!



  1. …I realize that Nancy sometimes deserves a little thrown her way but damn if she isn’t at her most delightful when she’s at her shadiest

    …a little morbidity goes a long way

  2. Disputes over household chores give me those moments that I’m glad I live alone.

    I don’t get some folks. I wash dishes because it is necessary (I don’t like doing it either.) However I don’t know about any of you guys, but I don’t like the smell of rotting food, cleaning out said rotting food out of my sink or having to scour the shit out of weeks old dried food.

    My former male housemate rarely did the dishes despite his love of making them dirty. I ended up doing the dishes till I had enough and simply only washed mine. I freaked out on him for using my dishes (his excuse? because they were the only clean ones.)

    • That’s why I generally stuck with women for roommates, because they actually weren’t dirtbags. Except for one. She was as bad as any male roommate I’d ever had. I was sharing the house with her and two other women, and at one point the three of us had a little intervention with her. Her excuse: “Guys, you have to understand that when I was a kid, we had a MAID TO CLEAN UP AFTER US.” (emphasis, obviously, mine)

    • This is the longest continuous amount of time me and Mr. McGee have spent together in 15 years. He usually works overseas and I eat cheese and cereal. Making and cooking food for 3 meals a day every day is… a lot. I clean the kitchen before I go to bed, and again when I wake up.

      • I feel you. My husband usually ate about 1/2 of his meals out (restaurant industry so he ate at work), so I’d cook one or two meals (with leftovers) a week and that would last, no problem. Now it’s just nonstop. I’m doing the cooking b/c I like cooking and I’m better at it, but he has to do all the dishes. However, he doesn’t do them in a timely fashion. I have to ask him to do them just so I can cook in there, and then I do the dishes WHILE I’m cooking so they’re not too bad, so basically I’m still managing all the dishes. ::sigh::

        Since he is laid off and I’m still working, I’ve gotten very…bold…about bossing him around like a housee servant hahahaa.

      • Maybe you should go back to cheese and cereal and have Mr. McGee do some cooking:)

        Mrs. Butcher goes in to work so I do essentially all the dinner cooking. She makes her own breakfast, which is basically either a smoothie or a piece of banana bread, and she deals with her own lunch. Of course, she has recently started some kind of super restrictive diet, so she may be on the hook for her dinner as well, because it seems she will be subsisting on little more than oxygen and dirt.

  3. LOL someone coming after Ronan Farrow and my first thought is, “ok which of your bosses is about to be taken down?”

    “Oh hey, that Ronan guy is great, but have you ever thought about all these reasons I made up to discredit him? Just asking questions, no ulterior motive here!”

  4. That muzzle pic…there are no words.

    Some liberal billionaire(cough, Lil Mikey B Berg, cough) should be paying the left’s version of 4chan to dox these idiots. I know they have no shame but maybe some of their employers do.

  5. Are you sure it’s Tuesday and not a second Monday?

    My single pettiest gripe is people who talk loudly on their cellphones then glare at me when I walk past. I am not trying to eavesdrop on your conversation woman-in-bathrobe-smoking-on-front-porch-while-arguing-with-sister. I am walking my dog. If your conversation is so private maybe take it inside!

    • Our Costco requires you to wear a mask to get in. Yesterday we went & this lady puts her mask on at the door, gets in, and pulls it down around her chin and starts making phone calls in the middle of the walk way! I loudly stated how much I hate stupid people but don’t think she heard or would figure out I was talking about her. I have lots of cell phone rants but pulling down the mask to talk on the phones in public is my current top hit.

      • I have a lovely new neighbor who spends every day sitting facing the street from behind a wrought-iron fence in his building’s front “patio.” It’s an old townhouse, so the patio juts into the sidewalk, legally I’m sure, making the sidewalk about 4′ wide (there’s also a very old tree at the edge of the sidewalk, so at the eastern end of the patio the sidewalk is about 2′ wide). This is all well and good, except he is maskless, chain-smokes, and TALKS REALLY LOUDLY ON HIS PHONE. Where he came from I don’t know, he wasn’t here a month ago. I assume a relative took him in with the proviso that he couldn’t smoke inside. COVID or no he’s an asshole. Luckily from my apartment in an adjoining building I can’t hear him or smell the smoke but I bet some of my neighbors can.

  6. I don’t believe Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine, though I hope he is. The sad thing is he will get a bunch of his followers sick or killed but he doesn’t really care. My wife is in this nurse’s support group on Facebook, most of them are front line nurses and it is usually technical stuff but like everything else, gets political sometimes. The subject of “hey, any of you taking this preventatively out there like Trump said?” All of them laughed at the question even being asked, nobody is doing this that has any medical training. My wife also uses the term “morbidly obese” all the time to patients and many get offended but it is a medical term (a BMI 40+). I know all the fat shaming and stupid weight loss shows have made this a bad term but it is not always meant as an insult. Too many people want to believe they are “big boned” (not a thing) or just carrying a little “baby weight”. It actually can be very effective in the discussion of how to make better food choices. So many people in our area don’t think coffee drinks are a problem but she points out the calorie counts in these Starbucks drinks and they are shocked.

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