Kiss Me…It’s Saturday! [DOT 20/2/21]

call it kismet...

I promised – as I often do – that if granted permission (being the last resort) to write the DOT it wouldn’t end up being an incoherent rant that only I understood and instead be a collection of links that I found interesting. As tempting as it is to break that promise (again) the decision not to was easier simply because of this kiss:

That is a must-watch (and for most of us, read) video:

Viral now on South Korean social media is the “Bohemian Kiss Challenge” video, a form of protest started by two YouTubers after a TV network deleted kissing scenes of gay couples from the 2018 film Bohemian Rhapsody

“SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) broadcast the movie Bohemian Rhapsody and deleted the scenes where two men kiss. The Bohemian Kiss Challenge is a challenge that shows that every kiss is equal, regardless of gender and sexual orientation,” said YouTubers Backpack and Kim, known collectively as Mango Couple. They’ve been together for eight years and share their daily lives online through vlogs and live-streams. As of posting, their YouTube channel has over 200,000 subscribers. In their challenge video, they kiss passionately and share why they think SBS’ move to delete the scenes was problematic. 


I need to work on my initial thought process because when I came across CTV‘s Toronto police charge 17-year-old boy after 14-year-old girl shot in the head headline my initial thoughts were in the following order:

  • I bet it was at Jane & Finch
  • Another shooting to show my American friends that we are no better
  • OMG ANOTHER CHILD???????!!!!!!!!

TORONTO — A 17-year-old boy is facing nine criminal charges after a 14-year-old girl was shot in the head inside her Toronto apartment last week.

The shooting took place just before 3 a.m. on Friday inside a building located on Stong Court, near Jane Street and Finch Avenue West.

When police arrived on scene, they located the teenage girl suffering from a gunshot wound to her head. She was rushed to hospital in life-threatening condition.

Not only are those initial thoughts ass-backwards but atop that list should really be “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”

“My car’s on fire”

Emphasis mine:

Hyundai and Kia drivers say they fear getting behind the wheel of their own cars — with the risk of engine fires and failures hanging over their heads.

The recalls on millions of these vehicles have dragged on for years — starting in 2015 with more models and years still being added.

Now, a joint Marketplace and Go Public investigation exposes flaws in the Canadian recall system — one that relies largely on automakers to identify and address their own safety issues — that allows that to happen.


Each recall names very specific models and years, often excluding cars with the exact same engine, only to add those vehicles and others months or years later. 


“That is a very serious safety issue,” said car safety advocate George Iny. “We need to have, I would say, a wary eye over this recall.”

You don’t say!

Back to that initial thought bit. The first thought I had when I saw this child of Satan’s tweet was perfectly pointed out in this response:

until I saw this response:

and I couldn’t decide which response was correct. Surely, it couldn’t possibly be the latter. So stupid me went ahead and looked further into it and indeed it was the latter.

I finally understand my need to re-think my ways of thinking now that I have realised I am too dumb to comprehend dumb. On the plus side…

…if Ted Cruz is forced to resign, the Democratic Governor of Texas gets to – temporarily – fill his senate seat:

In Texas, the governor can fill a Senate vacancy temporarily by appointment if the vacancy exists or will exist when Congress is in session, according to the Congressional Research Service (CRS).

myo’s internal (and internally coveted) Most Under-Rated Trolling Of The Day award goes to:

I intend to catch up on some of the posts I’ve missed here on DS this week but will mostly continue to be MIA on the front end, unfortunately, for the time being. A special thank you to all who have been contributing posts…even from hospital beds…when we need them.

Stick around for the Brain Drain. We all could use one.


…and this for @keitelblacksmith who is a:

because his:

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  1. oh pfffft….its just an engine fire…thats an inconvenience not a safety issue :p
    not like those takata airbags they are still trying to recall and fix after 12 years
    thats a long time to be driving around with a claymore in the steering wheel

  2. I am oddly intrigued by Texas and a few years ago we planned a month-long car trip to go down there, taking the Loyal Beast with us, who enjoys a good road trip. Armed with a smartphone and a laptop Better Half could keep working and I wouldn’t work at all, I’d take a freelance hiatus. I don’t know anyone who lives in Texas so we’d be on our own, roaming the vast state, which is larger than many European countries, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately (or really, fortunately) the Better Half got a job offer out of the blue and it was too good to turn down so we shelved our plans. 
    We may never get there. Pandemic ennui has set in. The only thing we’re discussing is the remote chance that we might move abroad to sunnier, warmer climes in Mediterranean Europe, which we could do once it opens up again. But this would take massive planning on my part, since I’m the only one who can speak and understand written Romance languages. And I assume we’d have to hire a local lawyer to smooth our way, and presumably they’d be bilingual, so that task I would hand off to the aggressively monolingual one who would be paying for all this in the first place.

    • The bigger cities have good food offerings if you search for where locals go. There’s some good areas of natural beauty, too.
      But a CO/UT/NV/AZ/CA national parks-and-cities loop will give you a more spectacular trip with less filler.

      • I have done road trips through that part of the world. I normally started in NM, where a good friend lived, and drove north, through and around CO, and took in all kinds of sights. Or, we start in Los Angeles, our favorite city after NYC, and drive east, into Palm Springs and then sometimes into NV to Las Vegas (I don’t recommend) and beyond. I am sort of intrigued by Salt Lake City and its environs. I’m told it’s this thriving multi-culti metropolis that attracts all types and no longer the LDS fortress it was meant to be. This makes sense, since Mormonism is an evangelical religion that emphasizes outreach and conversion, but many in SLC aren’t LDS and they’re perfectly happy and thriving there. A strange thing about SLC is that apparently it has very bad air pollution, because everyone has to drive everywhere, and it’s ringed by the Wasatch mountains, so it creates a bowl, similar to the Los Angeles basin, but with no helpful Pacific nearby to clean out the air when the winds shift.

    • My brother-in-law lives in New Braunfels…and has adopted the boot-wearing, mustachioed, cowboy hat fashion to a fault. (No, really, it is a faulty look for him.) And he works in finance for an oil company. And he is a fiscal Republican (trump voter, argh). But he is a caring, jovial fellow and took to Texas like a to water. I like him, despite this Texas-induced insanity. 

  3. I have been to Tx a couple of times, if you like birding it is spectacular. I visited a friend in Houston and we drove down the coast to Corpus Christi. First thing we did was visit a grocery store to see scissor tailed flycatchers, Tx pigeon! Here in NE people drive for miles to see birds that were hanging around in flocks in Tx. I enjoyed it very much but did not interact with the natives.

    • See, this is what attracts me to Texas. I want to see vast Houston, the metro area of which is larger than some states, and Dallas-Fort Worth, same, and see San Antonio which apparently might as well be Mexico, and fabled Austin, with its collection of hipster creatives, and then on to the gulf coast to Galveston and Corpus Christi and Padre Island. I’m not a big birder but I enjoy seeing birds fly around. Go up into the Panhandle and off to the Wild West. Maybe walk across the border into maquiladora territory in Mexico, but I’ve been told that’s not for the faint of heart.
      Everyone seems to be moving to Texas and there must be a reason (low taxes and little government oversight/meddling) to the point where Texans are concerned that they’re turning blue because half of California wants to move there and bring their California ways with them. Senator Rafael “Ted” Cruz, Jr. is a fairly young man in the Senate, he’s 50 as opposed to Dianne Feinstein’s 88, for example, or Mitch McConnell’s 79, and it’s possible that within his lifetime he would not be able to win re-election as Texas swings back to its Democratic roots, minus all the ugly Confederate sympathies and KKK-ism that used to be so prevalent when it was solidly D. 

      • Texas holds zero attraction for me.  I’ve been through the panhandle countless times (unless you have a desire to smell nothing but cow shit, then I do not recommend it), have been to El Paso several times and have driven all the way through the middle of the state, non-stop (it took me 16 hours), and I have yet to see anything that would attract my attention for a vacation.  Plus, just being surrounded by all those fucking rednecks would make me feel like I was behind enemy lines–and I’d had enough of that during my time in other Southern states.  I’ll take NM and CO every time.

        • Around the time I was planning my road trip I was at a high-end Christmas party where everyone was on their best behavior. I got chatting with the wife of a senior partner at a big NYC law firm. She was a native of Houston, so I told her about my Texas plans. “I don’t know why more people don’t visit Texas. There’s very little tourism info and guidebooks about it, but so many people live there, there must be lots of stuff going on.” “Well, in Houston we sometimes go to Fort Worth because that’s where the museums are. It’s all Bass family money. Are you a fan of modern art?” “Oh, very much so. And I’ve read that Fort Worth has an annual cattle drive that draws crowds.” She laughed. “Well, yes, but that’s like their Mardi Gras. People in New Orleans don’t stand around every day waiting for parades to come through. There are lots of cattle ranches, and you can visit some of them. I come from a ranching family. We own thousands of acres and we have a large herd, but you can’t visit us as a tourist, but down the road a few miles is a man that runs a dude ranch and you could stay there and learn how to rope a steer. Do you ride?” “Horses, you mean? Yes, but it’s been a while.” “Oh, don’t bother about that, the man takes all comers. Even people who have never been on a horse their entire lives.”
          The Better Half was at this party but we split up, as we normally do, the better to collect intel. “Mattie, do you see that guy standing over there? He founded this company that owns the building I work in, along with lots of other chunks of Manhattan.” “Who’s the granddaughter he brought with him?” “Shhh, that’s not his granddaughter, she’s his wife. Fifth wife.” “That’s all very interesting but when we get down to Texas we’re going to spend a week a week at a dude ranch learning how to rope steers. You can finally learn how to ride a horse and I’m sure the dog will love it. We can also see the Rothko chapel in Houston. I Don’t think the dog would be allowed in but who knows.”

  4. As for Tejas, Tejans keep electing these clowns who take bribes and let the electrical grid go to shit at their expense.  All to let a bunch of half rate energy companies screw everyone over and keep their precious anti-socialism/libertardianism alive.
    “When the winds blow and the snow comes, the lone wolf’s electrical grid collapses while the pack/non stupid/corrupt parts of the nation survives.”

  5. Too awesome [and sad] not to share. My aunt used to test spaghetti done-ness by tossing a strand at the cabinets, if it stuck, it was done. She was probably just trying to amuse a pack of children but I digress. This is what we do now, throw out crazy shit and see if it sticks, if it gets liked, repeated, shared etc.

    • i need to try this throwing a strand of spaghetti at things aproach
      but first i need to figure out how to get a single strand of sgetti out of the yarnball i inevitably create
      /me typically murders his sgetti with a knife to make it actually portionable….really…ill stick to rigatoni

    • Throwing spaghetti against a wall is an old trick and I think my even have been believed to be a good luck omen, like throwing salt over your shoulder. When I was very young and living as a platonic roommate to the man I went on to seduce and marry and am still with, I used to cook for us. One evening he came home and caught me flinging spaghetti against the wall. “Mattie, what are you doing? Are you having a psychotic episode? There’s a hospital right across the street—” “No, I’m just seeing if it’s done. If it doesn’t stick that means it’s al dente, which I don’t want for this, I want it all to be cooked through.” “Can’t you just taste it and see if it’s what you want?” That was the last time I threw spaghetti against a wall. 

      • I just remembered that I actually remember that day vividly. I was at a new corporate job, my first, and there was a small training program for new employees. It was a very large company so we were assigned all over the place, but we kept in touch and convened regularly in the cafeteria. During the lunch the TV announced that the “Challenger” had blown up unexpectedly, killing all aboard. Wiki tells me that was January 28th, 1986. That was the night I came home and made dinner for the platonic roommate, luring him ever closer to my clutches.
        My God, 35 years ago. Every so often I’ll read an obituary of someone who was killed in a tabloid-ready fashion and it’ll say something like, “Devoted husband of his wife of 22 years” (or “fiancé”, meaning no one had any intention of getting married) and I will say to the Better Half, “22 years is nothing. They were just getting started.” “I wouldn’t mind having 22 years back in my life. Maybe I could start something different.” “Don’t be ridiculous. Are you hungry? We have all these eggs to use up. I could make some cheesy omelettes and we have some red pepper flakes I could throw in to make it a little Tex-Mex-ish.”

  6. Engine fires are nothing new to Hyundai.  My wife had an Excel that burned up on the side of the highway back in the 90’s.  A few days later she got the recall notice.  Faulty valves in the carburetor.  She called the dealer all innocent and asked what would happen if she didn’t get the recall done.  They said, “We don’t want to alarm you, but there could be a fire.”  She said, “That’s interesting, because my car burned to the ground a few days ago.”

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