…you call this ready? [DOT 20/5/20]

how can you tell...

…so, yeah…this is arguably late again…but hopefully most of you are asleep & won’t notice?

The president has expressed skepticism about the fatality figures reported to him by his own experts.

…to be fair to the man…he knows he’s buggered about with the testing options enough to make the count innaccurate for several purposes…but that’s hardly the fucking point now, is it?


…that’s your actual tantrum like you’d get from your actual toddler…& it’s not like we don’t all need some fucking grown ups in charge right now





Inspector General’s Firing Puts Pompeo’s Use of Taxpayer Funds Under Scrutiny

…which some people think is totally fine


…but then those people have mush where their brains are supposed to go

Let’s not repeat the false equivalence of 2016.

…same way that Obama=|=gross incompetence


…so this seems like a good sign


…because even though the same deluded assholes have their heads up the same asses


…they don’t have to stay lodged up there

How Democrats Win in My Red State (and They Do Win)

…& this could get interesting


…not that they’re alone on the belt tightening front


…but…it’s the sheer pace at which these assholes continue to fuck up that amazes me


…& then of course there’s the regularly scheduled show


…except even Bill “the remora” Barr couldn’t put lipstick on that porker


…& for good reason




  1. It’s uncanny at how the Trump cycle of fail continues. The GOPers didn’t get that EVERYTHING TRUMP TOUCHES DIES.

    Trump Taj Mahal
    Trump USFL
    Trump Steaks
    Trump Vodka
    Trump Air
    Trump Casinos (Again!)
    Trump University
    Now Trump USA

    Thanks to Faux Newz diminished idiots who won’t/refused to read up on his epic string of failures and epic business fails (who bankrupts a casino 4 TIMES?) and who assumed born rich = good bidnizman not Failson material plus the conniving scumbag of a Brit TV producer who rehabilitated Trump’s failson image for ratings (fuck you Mark Burnett and The Apprentice.)

    • who bankrupts a casino 4 TIMES?

      There’s only one way to bankrupt a casino: You steal from it. You steal great, big, giant, heaping stacks of money from it, over and over, until you’ve bled it dry. From the NY Times:

      “He put up little of his own money, shifted personal debts to the casinos and collected millions of dollars in salary, bonuses and other payments. The burden of his failures fell on investors and others who had bet on his business acumen.”

      It’s absolutely stunning to think that Trump could have actually been successful except he literally couldn’t keep his tiny orange paws out of the till.

      • And the everlasting stupidity of his schemes is that running the business straight would have been far more profitable than robbing it blind.

        If Donald had simply taken the money gifted him by his dad Fred (who was actually good at making money) and dumped it into buying land in New Jersey or stock in IBM, he’d be a true billionaire.

        • …this, all day long…the singular lesson of the man’s entire existence is that there is no fortune (legitimate or otherwise) he can not piss away in thrall to his own misplaced vanity

          …it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “beggars belief”

          • It’s the stupidity of Great Hill in giving Spanfeller a big suitcase of cash to run Deadspin/Gizmodo/etc. into the ground.

            They could have just let Megan Greenwell have control. Or not gotten into the business at all and bought Microsoft stock. Or 30 year bonds at 0.5% interest. Any of those would have been better, and more obvious options.

    • Could be years.

      I was supposed to go to Las Vegas to celebrate a friend’s birthday last weekend. Obviously didn’t happen. Probably not going to happen for maybe two more years.

      • Next week I was supposed to be leaving for an Alaskan cruise. (Don’t @ me about cruises; the cruise was not my choice but it was with friends for a celebration and I do/did want to see Alaska before it’s, like, melted).

      • Makes me wonder about the two SWA tickets that we had to cancel when the thing we were going to attend in July got cancelled. SWA holds the ticket value for a year (although I think in this case they’re extending it by a few months), but if we’re a year down the road and are still in lockdown, will they refund the money? Will they extend the extension? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

    • Yep, thus far I’m out on trips to Hawaii, Minneapolis, Redfish Lake (Idaho), and Seattle. Normal will be nice, but I’m not expecting it for some time.

  2. Each time donj throws out a pedophile meme about Joe Biden everyone with a Twitter account needs to tweet a pic of his father and Jeffrey Epstein. And a link to stories about trump walking in on half dressed Miss Teen USA contestants.


    And the one where he was accused of raping a 13 year old girl.


    • …this is the problem with drawing on supporters that literally have better shit to do with their time…you’re not wrong…but this isn’t how any of that shit should work…& some of us are busy enough to just not notice trumpelthinskin jr…like at all…pretty much most days?

      • And his base will just call it FAKE NEWS anyway. These bastards are hard to fight. I’m counting on Covid 19 to help reduce their numbers before November.

  3. I heard on the radio about how red states are undercounting or not reporting to hide the spikes from the reopening. This is going to be the new strategy these idiots try & Trumpers will eat it up until grandma and all the neighbors die. The blue state science will show higher numbers because we believe in science while the red will cover their asses. This will be the new extension of “look how great the red governors are doing!”

  4. Question for RIP, Myo, Meg, et al…

    Is there a way to fix things in my phone, so that I don’t have to *re-* log back in, every time I navigate away from DS, without keeping a tab open all the time? (Obviously with ADHD, I end up in a BAD cycle of distraction & accidentally click away MULTIPLE times a day, needing to re-log-in ALLTHETIME, lately!🙃😉🤣)

    I mean, I WILL re-log in allthetime, but even when I select the “keep me logged in” option/box, it’s not seeming to stay logged in like it used to until very recently…

    Is it just a change somewhere at the DS end, and something I need to just suck up & deal with? Or is it something *i* am doing wrong on my end (a distinct possibility, I DO realize!😉), or is it just a rando-glitch that I seem to trigger quite often (like I *was* doing with the disappearing comments, when I tried to edit a while back), etc.?

    And no matter what the answer is, Thank You guys, for this site!

    • …the one true answer may be above my paygrade but I can tell you how it seems to work for me?

      …there’s a possibility that not all browsers are equal but on my phone it seems to stay mostly logged in for me…once in a while I have to click the button again but the browser retains the credentials so I just re-tick the check box & click the login button

      …if that’s not how it plays for you I’d recommend maybe a message direct to myo that says what you’re using (device/browser) but I’d start by seeing if a different browser fixes it?

      …I know the login thing is a little finicky because it integrates wordpress accounts where people have them with the kind that allow for the profile stuff & the stars & what have you but afaik things should be playing nice for you?

      • “…there’s a possibility that not all browsers are equal but on my phone it seems to stay mostly logged in for me…”

        Oooh! Thanks!! It miiiight be that–Chrome has had a couple updates in the last two weeks, so that may be the bugbear😉

        This is the only site I’m losing it on, buuuut it’s also the only WordPress site I’m on, too…

        And your mentioning of Browser stuff may be it, too, because yesterday I was having problems trying to watch a linked Instagram video over on a HuffPo story, that glitched out the same way DUAN videos sometimes do… so it *might* just be some Chrome winks again.

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