DOT [3/5/22]

Here I am, filling in on DOT, fresh off my run on NOT. Be on the lookout for Florida Man content because it’s now my go-to. Bonus points if you find the hidden one. Enough preamble; let’s get to it.

This dude is completely out of control.
Greg Abbott Is Considering Declaring Texas Under ‘Invasion’

Comes as absolutely no surprise.
Sean Hannity (Once Again) Confirms He Is Not a Journalist

Say it out loud.
Urine trouble: Florida man takes leak in store’s ‘beer cave,’ police say

Oh, please just shut up.
‘Growing Pains’ actor considers public school teachings ‘inaccurate and the immoral’

Pretty sure he’s not.
Police: Florida man claims he’s Jesus, kisses a minor in gym locker room

What an asshole. No, not Biden.
Biden suspends Gov. Kemp’s attempt to block ACA site from hundreds of thousands of Georgia residents

Oh, please just shut up Part 2.
Slur-spewing couple kicked off flight — and complain it’s because they’re Trump supporters

Read a banned book. Preferably on a plane.
These are books school systems don’t want you to read, and why

Sprots! Maybe sending children to the Olympics isn’t a good idea.
Figure skating’s governing body proposes increasing age minimum to 17

Stonks! Well, the market sucks, so let’s just bet it all.
What to know before you add bitcoin to your 401(k)

Obligatory. Also shows a dubious grasp of branding.
‘Lizard King’ gets 7 months for trafficking Florida turtles

And there you have it. Did you find the hidden Florida Man? Sound off in the comments, people.



  1. Always with the Florida Man. Why don’t we hear more from Florida Woman?

    I won’t spoil it for everyone else, well, not entirely, but for some reason I thought Kirk Cameron might have grown up in Florida. No, he is a product of the San Fernando Valley, born to an actor Dad and a mother who was an actor (I’m sure she’d prefer the term “actress”) who is now best known as a successful Christian romance novelist. Kirk has three siblings, among them Candace Cameron Bure, who was D. J. Tanner on “Full House” and is married to a Russian-born hockey player, so I’m sure they’re both Putin assets at this point. Kirk has six children and God help every single one of them.

      • Oh yes, and she sounds like a peach. I wonder where the flight was bound. In my effort to discern this crucial detail I read other accounts, but no one seems to know. She claimed to be a former Broadway dancer and her husband claimed to be former FBI. 10:1 they were headed to New York. The JetBlue (shudder) traffic between FL and NYC must account for many hundreds of thousands of passengers daily.

        My question was a more general one. Why is there no #floridawoman in general usage?

    • I read on IMDb that he was up for the role of Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything. . . . That almost very nearly ruined the movie for me so much that, in order to get my mind off it, the next time I saw the movie was at a screening with John Cusack appearing in person for a Q&A.

  2. PS: Since I’m sounding off at this unconscionable hour, let me add that Better Half is off to jury duty today. He’s never done it before and wants to get off. I’ve done it many, many times and I always get chosen to serve, although most of my petit jury cases settled before we could get the ball rolling. I’ve also done Federal and State grand jury which gets a little tedious after the 20th day or so.

    His desire to get off jury duty disappoints me. It is a right and a privilege, and given the low state of my fellow New Yorkers’ intelligence and temperament I want to make sure he gets picked. We are supposed to be judged by a jury of our peers but the hope is that our peers have above-room-temperature IQs and not exhibiting too many symptoms classed in the DSM-V. Just like Better Half.

    He is a clothes horse and is wondering what he should wear. “Oh, you’ll definitely want to dress up. Wear a suit. All the attorneys will be. But something conservative, like that Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit I like, the dark blue one, not one of the [Ralph Lauren Purple Label] gray ones or the windowpane plaid one, it’s Spring. And don’t wear tweed, it’s going to get hot in the jury room. I’ll help you pick out a tie when you get back from the gym.”

    I just hope the trial doesn’t last too long.

  3. Six Five fundies have decided to fuck law precedence.  Now the unelected Supreme Court is now the most powerful wing of government.

    But Susie Collins said Judge Rapey Kegmeister wasn’t going to overturn Roe Vs Wade and voted for him.

    Shocking, eh?

      • Will the press finally admit they’re radicals? Probably not.

        Will the press admit this is only the beginning and the right to privacy, gay rights and civil rights are in the crosshairs next? Almost certainly not.

        Will the press realize their First Amendment rights may well get thrown out even faster than gay marriage is outlawed again? Definitely not. They’ll be too busy writing about how unfair things are for rich white writers these days.

      • Exactly. It became inevitable when Barrett was seated. It was just a “when,” not an “if.” I’ve heard for years that Republicans wouldn’t overturn Roe because that would demotivate a key constituency. I don’t think that will happen, but yeah, it might motivate the do-nothings.

        • The stupidity of the “demotivate” theory is that it assumes the radicals  won’t go even more radical.

          They don’t want a return to pre-Roe — they want to ban abortion nationwide, ban gay rights, throw out the right to privacy, and far more.

          None of this is a secret.

          • Yes, there are always more rights to suppress. Emboldened by this victory, we’re going to have right-wing maniacs going full “Republic of Gilead.” It’s not going to stop here.

            • I think it’s containable if people stop thinking the threat is narrow. Americans, even in hard red states, really do not want right wing fanatics telling them who they can date, what they can drink, or what they can and cannot say.

              But if they only hear the truth in the usual fractured, confused, self-defeating messaging of the modern press, then it spreads. The idiots in charge of the media live in a cloud of denial about what effect they can and cannot have to influence public opinion.

              If they keep portraying this through the lens of hand wringing rich white New Yorkers, then it spreads. If they finally snap into focus about how radical Alito, McConnell and the rest are, then it may at least be contained. But who knows — Chuck Todd is an idiot. AG Sulzberger is a dolt.

              • But AG went to Brown! And do you know who his father is? Actually, strike that, few remember him, and those that do change the subject. Do you know who his grandfather was?

        • I’m old enough that my town’s excellent public school system finally lifted its policy whereby a female elementary school teacher of childbearing age had to resign at the end of the school year once she got married. Why? Tail end of the Baby Boom, and it was assumed that this teacher would become pregnant and start showing a bump and kids would ask questions, etc.

          Never mind the fact that it was the end of the Baby Boom and all of us had seen our mothers, other relatives, and neighbors pregnant because there were millions of us.

        • I remember it too. Here, rich white girls got flown to the Bahamas for abortions. The rest did not. I also remember girls disappearing from school and coming back the following year with a new “little brother or sister.” That happened a lot. So we go backward 50 years.

      • Same, Hannibal, SAME!!!

        I’ve been trying to get folks to see that the R’s were going to try any & all methods to take down Roe, for twenty+ YEARS now!!!

        Ever since those stupid “Heartbeat Bills” started popping up in state legislatures years ago (before they started passing!)…


        And I knew it, because I grew up in West-Central Minnesota, in the Diocese where the MCCL (“Minnesota Christians Concerned for Life” 🙄🤢!!🤮) was started & is headquartered…

        MCCL pairs heavily with “Pro Life Across America” for their ad campaigns, and–as I said over on Jez & GT YEARS AGO, PLAA has pushed “I had a Heartbeat at 18 Days!” messages  for decades now!!!

        And when christian groups are both pushing legislation and ads, talking about various aspects of the same issue, you know that sooner or later, they’re GOING to eventually meet up–with that whole “Life Begins at Conception!” thing… and therefore they will find a need to ban *everything* after “conception”

        Including birth control, eventually...

        It’s just a matter of time, and pushing the Overton Window…


        And the folks who are looking at Scalito’s ruling and freaking out about the downfall of Roe!!!, frankly,



        These motherfuckrrs AREN’T COMING FOR ROE!!!

        THEY ARE COMING FOR EVERYTHING that is not nailed down *EXPLICITLY* by the TEXT of the US Constitution!!!!



        Women–and ANYONE who is not a White Landowning Male, who is “of age”–will NOT have *ANY* guaranteed rights, other than “The Right To Vote” 

        The ability to Vote, on the other hand, may become factually obsolete, for most folks, thanks to the ability of state legislatures to apply stipulations which will impact folks’ abilities to access that right

        but at least *on paper* (just like during the Jim Crow years!), women & non-white men will ostensibly “have the right to vote” (they’ll just be prevented from using their “right.”)


        The ADA, Loving, Windsor, Obergefell, all the Special Education laws (PARC, Mills, Rowling, and so many more!!!)basically any ruling that gave people outside the NARROW A.F. “We the People” empowered *EXPLICITLY* in the Constitution?


        If Roe goes down in the way Scalito laid out?



        Because there IS NO EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT, guaranteeing *EVERYONE* Equal rights.

        There is only the language of “The Text” and that “Text” includes just the few, wealthy, white, men.


        This is a damn sight bigger than Roe.

        And it’s fucking TERRIFYING.😳😬🤯😱😱😱😱😱

  4. Scary…

    “This is a constitutional right,” he emphasized. “What Justice Alito’s draft opinion says is there’s no such thing as a right to privacy. So, abortion is not protected. Private sexual matters are not protected. Purchase of birth control is not protected by the Constitution. So that opinion is an invitation, not just for states to ban abortion, but for states to regulate an entirely new area that previously had been off-limits.”

    “There’s another point to make about this opinion,” the legal expert claimed. “The theme of the opinion is we’ll let the states decide. The other part that is implicit in that opinion is Congress, if Congress wanted to ban abortion tomorrow and the president wanted to sign it, I don’t see anything in that opinion draft opinion that would stop Congress from doing this.”

    “So, the idea that, oh, well, this only affects the red states, that’s not true,” he elaborated. “This is an invitation, in 2025, if there’s a Republican House and Republican Senate and Republican President which is certainly more than possible, that Congress could ban abortion in the entire country. That’s invited in the opinion as well.”

    • And now we need more than just Toobin saying this. Every single article and broadcast needs to put this front and center — the radical right wants to put the federal government in everyone’s bedroom, living room and kitchen.

      They need to talk about how interracial marriage, gay rights, civil rights and women’s rights across the board are under the gun of the  radical right wing minority. It’s the entire modern US at threat.

  5. Reminder for anyone in the “you’re overreacting, women can still use Plan B” because I’ve already been told that today –

    Plan B has to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to be effective.

    Plan B is about $50, with generics being cheaper if you can find them. I don’t know if it’s free at Planned Parenthood, I also know I live in a metropolitan area with 3 million people and we have a whopping 4 locations (1 of which is the only abortion provider for the state I believe) and no functioning public transportation. So even if it’s free there, it’s a moot point for most people who need it.

    Some of our Walmarts, drug stores, etc, have taken to keeping anything for sex and periods behind the locked cases. As in a friend went to get tampons and had to get an employee to unlock the case which also had condoms, etc. So that’s another barrier to access potentially.

    And finally, Plan B is designed for people under 155 lbs. It starts losing efficacy when the taker is over that weight, and is basically useless for someone at the 200 lb weight and above. So for lots of people, it’s not even a viable option if you can get it.

    • We all do. Cognitive dissonance has been enshrined into Republican “conservatism.” That’s why they consistently attack and demonize education that isn’t some form of religious brainwashing. You start thinking for yourself, you can’t be a Republican.

  6. Never forget that abortion was the backup plan for the right: They only went there because school segregation wasn’t exciting the evangelicals enough in the late ’70s.

    The only question is if gay marriage or contraception is the next target.

  7. Re the Jesus Gym Kisser – He was a transgender man, right? Because according to conservatives that’s how these sort of attacks happen. /s

  8. Not that they will help much, but Elie Mystal has some good ideas about lawsuits to bring on twitter –




    • The Satanist Church in Missouri tried that years ago about some facet of the Missouri abortion rules. The only issue was that by the time the case was reviewed, it was too late for the woman to have had her abortion.

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