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Better Than Life

Good evening DeadSplinterites,

Is your subconscious an asshole too?

I recently had a dream with reoccurring guest star Cillian Murphy. He has been my celebrity crush since 28 Days Later. In this dream, I bumped into him while out on the town in some European city and we hit it off. What followed…I can’t say…mostly because I can’t remember. I do know that it was all unfortunately PG-13 because like Rimmer my subconscious won’t allow me to experience my greatest desires even in my dreams.

So tell me, do you have vivid or lucid dreams? Can you control them? Does your subconscious self-sabotage them too? Do you have repeat dreams? Do you have dreams that carry on from where the last one left off? Do you remember your dreams? Do you dream at all? As always, feel free to talk about anything else.





  1. I have very vivid dreams, weird dreams and often remember them in detail for the first hour or so after I wake up.  I have even had times when I knew I was dreaming and able to control the dream, those are fun.  I have a few reoccurring dreams and have even gone back into a dream after waking up which is also pretty weird.  When I first moved off the island I had a reoccurring dream of drowning where I literally would sit up in bed taking a huge breath as I thought I was still underwater but couldn’t hold my breath any longer.  I have one that I have killed someone and buried the body and they are getting close to discovering it.  That one really fucks me up as I wake up wondering if I killed someone (don’t worry, I don’t think I did).  I also have back to school or a job I hated dreams and wake up super stressed because the whole dream is bad, like I can’t find a book or can’t remember how to do something at work.  I could probably keep a psychologist busy for a long time.   I’ve woken up a few times thinking my dream would make a great movie and write down what I remember but usually when I reread it, I am not as impressed with the story.

  2. I remember my nightmares more than my dreams: my teeth falling out in my mouth and me not being able to spit them out which then causes more teeth to crunch and break off, not being able to read letters/numbers or dial 911 during a high pressure situation or emergency, losing control of the car and not being able to pump the breaks, etc.


    I can’t control things in my dreams and a lot of them turn into adventures. My top two favorites happened when I was a kid. Once I was Spiderman and could swing from buildings. In the other one, I was riding a tiger through a jungle. I’m guessing adult life/stress has killed off most of my super fun dreams.

  3. I have vivid and crazy dreams and usually remember them. I often dream that I’m in my own home or other familiar setting but I’m surrounded by people I don’t know who act friendly but are somehow sinister and threatening. I’m trying to find my way out but the lights are dim and I can’t see very well. I sometimes dream about people from my past and wake up sad. Once I dreamt that a giant monster was attacking my town. I stood on the street with my friends and neighbors. A large man stood behind me (I think it was my therapist) with his hands on my shoulders and he said, “punch it really hard in the face.” When the monster swooped down towards me I did and it flew away like a deflated balloon. I felt so strong and powerful when I woke up, lol.

  4. It seems when I get stressed out, I end up flashing back to university and having exam nightmares.

    The sad thing is that most of what happened in my dreams actually happened in real life.

    On very rare occasions I ended up actually fighting my bed.  I had a dream my former pain-in-the-ass former friend/housemate tried to force his way back into my house.  I ended up brawling with him on the lawn.  I woke up strangling my pillow with blankets strewn everywhere.

  5. Cillian Murphy is amazing. God, those eyes, and that accent…

    I have an off topic question that I wonder if all you music lovers might like to weigh in on. When Lil hears music that’s even just slightly sad in tone, he gets really intense about it. He can be in the middle of something and he’ll usually kinda freeze and get a faraway look and then after several seconds of that he’ll get very distressed and demand urgently that we stop the music. I don’t know whether to be glad his empathy levels seem high or concerned that he can’t tolerate even a little sadness in his music. And I used to listen to a lot of sad music haha.

    • Music is a powerful thing & can really effect people’s moods.  I can listen to some music & cry just because of a feeling it evokes.  I’m not sure how common that is but I wouldn’t worry too much about it.  I also would suggest happy music when you definitely don’t need a sad child, like on the drive to school on a stressful day.  I did a DUAN in the beginning of site on Casper Babypants, the singer from the Presidents of the USA, that became a kids music musician when he had kids.  If you want fun kids music, he will put your child in a good mood.



      • He’s low-key famous in Seattle. I had no idea who he was until I went to a Seattle Lady Makers’ craft fair and bought a children’s book written by Kate Endle, his wife, which included a free MP3 of him singing the words of the story. They are both down town earth and very friendly.

      • Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check him out!

        I definitely can cry from music, but it’s usually either from songs wrapped up in memories or with lyrics that get to me. For him, I think sometimes it could be the lyrics maybe, but mostly just the music itself. It’s fresh in my mind because it happened today with a song that I think had a vibe of nostalgia/longing – I wasn’t listening closely, but it was a song in the credits of a puzzle-solving game, not a song I would have described as overly sad.

    • I would say that empathy is a good thing and that it’s impressive that he recognizes what is upsetting him (even if he doesn’t know why).

      As a teen I loved sad music and sad stories because i was emo it felt like my heart was being torn out of my chest in a way that I had control over.

  6. I’m a terrible sleeper. I usually remember my dreams until a few hours after I wake up and then they dissipate. My dreams aren’t generally pleasant and usually fall into categories something like vivid dreams, bad dreams, stress dreams, nightmares, trauma flashbacks, and dreams featuring death and loss of people. A year or two ago I actually developed pre-sleep panic attacks because of a combination of insomnia and bad dreams. Luckily it only lasted a few months.

  7. I rarely have dreams that I remember.  If I count the dumb super-short ones, like falling asleep while doing something, briefly dream I’m walking and trip, and then jump-startle-wake when I stumble in the dream… probably not more than a half dozen a year, often less?

    I guess I miss out on some weirdness, and I kinda appreciate weird, but on the upside, I’ve never had a nightmare.


    So, off hand, I’d say about ~80% of the dreams I rarely have are those super short meaningless ones, like walking and tripping, or a snippet of conversation.  Not as much anymore, but in my teens/twenties, I used to have violent dreams, and I probably shouldn’t admit to it, because it probably means I’m a future serial killer or something…  But, despite getting shot at and stuff in the dream, it typically resolved at least okay, and was kinda fun/exciting.


  8. i do not dream..when i sleep

    when im like…half asleep and dozing tho…..thats where the dreamylucinations live

    unfortunately they are mostly scary images that wake me up again

    sometimes..they are just cruel…

    like today….woke up…extra early…went downstairs for coffee and a breakfast…realized it was saturday..aaand went back to bed

    then woke up to it being wednesday…

    • and theres no eggs

      goddamnit….i was looking forward to at least having my dreamy breakfast if its not saturday!

      hello and welcome to why farscy is a grumpy fucker

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