DU!AN: Friday Night Circle Pit

You’ll find devices to kill your master
Why not kill your maker instead



    • I remember when I was 13-ish I thought I’d give Led Zepplin a chance so I listened to the entire tape of the album this song is on…and this is the only song I liked.

  1. The Jovi for the theme (very loosely!😉💖);

    And the song I’ve been thinking of, since late November–it was a fave of my friend who died via suicide, and it’s just a damn beautiful song💖💞💗💝💫


      • Sorry, @farscythe i got busy this weekend**and haven’t managed to get back here ’til now!

        The song my friend loved was “In This River,” by Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society. And the video is the one that starts out with Zakk playing the baby-grand in the river, then smashing it–the video that’s a tribute to Dime.


        (**it was Dad’s funeral yesterday–he was Catholic, and we wanted to get the filuneral part taken care of–we’ll do the interment & a second celebration for him, once we get his ashes back from the U of Mn’s medical program in a year and a half–or how ever long they’ll keep it)

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