DU!AN: Friday Night Circle Pit

Is it any wonder why I think too much
And drink too much
None of this will matter when I dive
To the bottom of the bottle



    • i like this song but can’t stand sebastian bierk as a person. a month after i turned 12 and two months after he turned TWENTY TWO he tried to start a fight with me IN FRONT OF MY MOM! to the point that he had to be held back by a few on-lookers.

      fuck him! and his one good song.

    • My apologies for another typo. I’m having vision issues* again. I thought it was fine but 🤷🏻‍♀️

      definitely the vision issues and not the day drinking 

    • im hearing a lot of flogging molly in that…. or maybe a lot of them in flogging molly…i dont know who came first..

      or maybe everything sounds irish to me today coz ive embraced the spirit of the day

      (well…i drank it actually…but you know…how you word things is important…HR taught me that)

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